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Online Roulette Strategy – Overcome The Odds

In real world casinos, professional punters practice their physics skills at the wheel by trying to predict which slot the ball will land in. This strategy originated in the 1800s, but it leaves little room for players trying to win at online roulette. Mechanical wheels received their greatest test in the nineties when Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo used a computer to unearth the luckiest numbers. His scheme was foolproof, padding his bank account with a million euros. The casino tried to prosecute him, but the courts issued a tip - realign your roulette wheel. Today, casinos take their mechanical maintenance seriously, since an unbalanced wheel affects the house's otherwise secure odds. This makes an interesting parlor tale, but it doesn't tell you how to beat the virtual wheel, which is unlikely to lose its alignment any time soon. There are ways to become a more fortunate roulette player if you know the odds of the bet.

The Martingale Strategy uses a double bet after every loss. The tactic falls into the gambler's trap, which captures unlucky gamers by convincing them that patterns are predictable. A better online roulette strategy is to acknowledge the randomness of gaming, whether in roulette or online slots. It is equally unwise to fall for the gamer's fallacy, which states that a win always follows a loss. The truth is that only the odds can be played, despite the plethora of complicated roulette strategies existing today. Best back away from predictions unless you have psychic talents.

One of the most admirable roulette tactical maneuvers in history featured a Londoner named Ashley Revell. He sold all he owned and pitted the lot on a single number. He won almost $300,000 and left the casino a wealthier man. While selling possessions and spending the profits at a casino is inadvisable, walking away when you're ahead is among the most valuable talents to use in an online roulette strategy. It applies equally appropriately to online slots, poker and baccarat. The phrase, 'quit while you're ahead' is a cliché for good reason. The willpower necessary to leave after a single gargantuan win is almost supernatural and if you determine your own cut off point wisely, your odds of breaking the bank will rise steeply. When you learn the unique odds attributed to every betting combination, you will gain the tactical control necessary to earn better luck at the wheel.