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The A to Z of all types of Online Casino Games

If you've played it in a casino, then the chances are that there is an online Casino version. From table games to fruit machines and online slots, you can find it all online.

A is for American Roulette. Very similar to its European cousin but with the addition of a 00 (double zero). Online roulette happens much faster than on a real table, so make sure you read up a little on the rules first.

B is for Blackjack, one of the most popular online Casino Games. There are a number of different types of online Blackjack, but the object remains the same; get as close to 21 without going bust and beat the dealer's hand.

C is for cash. You can of course play just for fun, but if you open an online account, cash is what you can win.

D is for download. Online games are quick, easy and free to download. You can play some of the games in your browser, but opening a full account and downloading the software and games gives you access to more games, as well as cash prizes.

E is for economically viable as you don’t have to leave your house to play and win at an online casino.

F is for Fruit Machines. Play English Pub Fruities from the comfort of your own sofa; you supply the lager!

G is for graphics. The quality of online games keeps improving leading to even better playing experiences and enjoyment.

H is for High Roller – something many a player’s have become at an online casino.

I is for Inside bet, a type of bet that can be used in online roulette.

J is for Jackpot. Prizes vary from game to game and will be dependent on your stake and the risk involved. You can win anything from a few Aussie dollars to a million.

K is for Keno, another casino game available at an online casino.

L is for ‘Loaded’, a well established online slot game.

M is for mobile casino. You can now play many of your favourite online casino games from your mobile. You can play at home or on the move.

N is for new comer or novice – first time players whom online casinos are more than happy to serve and accommodate.

O is for Online casino and all other online games found within the site.

P is for Poker. Video poker is available online for both novice and experienced players. More than any other casino game, poker is a game of skill so the more you play, the better you will become.

Q is for Qualifier – the minimum amount of entry money for the pot in poker.

R is for Roulette and its internet cousin – online roulette.

S is for slots. These are some of the most popular online games. There are literally hundreds to choose from with various fun themes.

T is for Tournaments, something many online casinos host and usually for slots and blackjack.

U is for units, also applicable to the amount of chips or money in your casino account.

V is for Video slots and Video poker – great online casino options.

W is for Wild, a very prominent icon in online slots games with the potential to increase winnings.

X is for the ‘xcitement’ often felt when playing at an online or mobile casino.

Y is for you ‘Your Lucky Day’, another great online slot title worth spending a couple of spins on.

Z is for Zany Zebra, yet another fantastic online slots game.

Online casinos are a safe gaming environment for both experienced and novice gamers. The only thing you will need to worry about is which game to choose.