What’s the Latest News With Apple?

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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology products, Apple has never come up with a platform that gamers have truly rated. That said, the iPhone 11 is one of the best smartphones around, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. You can use it with Apple Arcade, a subscription service, or make use of its excellent graphics and fast processing power at a top-notch mobile casino where you can enjoy an array of different games and even take part in a poker tournament. That said, the California-based company has never really broken into the gaming console market. Might it try?

Since 2008, Apple has consistently generated more revenue than Microsoft, Google or Alphabet, all of them tech giants in their own right. In 2019 alone, Apple generated revenue that was in excess of US$260 billion. That’d be enough for most businesses – even a very large mobile casino in Canada – but last year saw a modest decline in revenue for Apple. So, maybe the company will try and break into new markets that have traditionally been the reserve of other technology companies? It is doubtful, but it could even try to launch its very own casino mobile service. Read on to find out more about the most recent events at Apple and what it has in store for the remainder of 2020.

Apple Watch

First of all in the latest Apple news, there has been plenty of talk about the launch of the Apple Watch 6 but no exact date has been officially announced. Most industry insiders expect it to be in early September. The new Watch is likely to feature sleep tracking and a mental health monitoring system. Many people thought the Watch 5 was the best yet, so hopes for advanced sleep tracking are high. That said, even with a cheaper Watch 3, you can download sleep monitoring software already, so maybe Apple is hyping this feature. We’ll know soon, of course. Anyone who is new to the world of Apple watches should note that these are already feature-rich devices. They’re not only great for streaming Apple Music but also podcasts and audiobooks. If you subscribe to Spotify for your music instead, then there is a downloadable app for that, too. From a healthcare point of view, the current iteration of the Apple Watch allows users to monitor blood pressure and even their temperature.

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iPhone 12

In the final quarter of 2019, Apple enjoyed 49 percent of the US market share of smartphone sales. This was its best-ever three-month figure for years. Therefore, any talk of a new iPhone launch can have a big influence on the sales of all smart devices as consumers start to think about upgrading more carefully. In fact, like the Apple Watch 6, the iPhone 12 is said to be ready for launch in September but this now looks likely to be pushed back as new technology that was destined for it has been delayed in the first half of the year. Most retailers are expecting to be selling the iPhone 12 well before Christmas, however. If you are looking for a new iPhone now, then the SE 2020 is a good low-cost option that will tide you over until the 12 hits the shelves. For something a bit more powerful, try the iPhone 11 Pro. As for the 12, it will have a triple-lens 3D camera, a new physical layout and there are rumours of 5G compatibility, too. This appears to be the case because Apple has reverted back to its previous chip supplier, apparently in order to provide this technology.

The iPhone 12 is the most anticipated smartphone of 2020Source: Pixabay

Security News

Apple is one of the most security-conscious tech companies around. It has an unrivalled reputation in many quarters for the quality of its encryption and the safeguards it builds into its products to prevent hacking. That said, increasing numbers of iPhone users have been reporting problems with the camera recently. In short, despite Apple’s best efforts and frequent security updates that are offered to all customers, it is possible to hack into an iPhone and take control of the camera. This gives the hacker unwanted snooping abilities but it doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the phone is compromised. If you are in doubt about your phone – if it appears glitchy or the front-facing camera comes on unexpectedly – then download iOS 13.5, the latest version. Another good tip is to set a longer password than the standard four-digit one. Check your phone by following the steps outlined in the video.

App and Operating System Updates

Apple Pay launched back in 2014 but it has been constantly worked on since the payment app system first got going. In 2020, Curve became compatible with the service. This is a payment aggregation card that means you only need one card for multiple debit and credit card accounts. In April, TransferWise also started accepting Apple Pay for transactions. The system also took a leap forwards in China where it can now be used in over 300 cities for contactless public transport payments. With its operating system, Apple made a number of updates available, too. It is even now possible to run iOS on an Android device. This is a special version of the operating system which is called Launcher iOS 12. It means users of Android phones can obtain a very iPhone-like experience on their device. If you want, you can even run Apple Music which was purpose-built for Apple devices using this operating system. That said, many still consider Spotify to be the best streaming service regardless of the device. Of course, if you are using a Mac or an iPhone, Apple Music still sounds great and probably edges ahead of the competition.

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Gaming and Apple’s Future

As mentioned, Macs have never really been avid gamers’ preferred devices despite the fact that you can enjoy many mobile casino games on them with zero glitching. Perhaps when Steve Jobs launched the Mac he thought of it as too powerful a tool to be used for playing games? However, MacBooks and gaming do go together. Probably the best one for gaming is the Apple iMac Pro thanks to its 8-core Xeon W processor and impressive Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics card. For gaming on the go, the Apple MacBook Pro beats all other contenders in 2020. It enjoys an LED-backlit retina display and a 9th generation Intel 8-core i7/i9 processor with some remarkable speakers for a laptop device. However, Apple steadfastly refuses to enter the gaming console market, perhaps because it knows a fight for supremacy is already underway between X-Box and Playstation. Even so, Apple Arcade, which allows players to enjoy lots and lots of different game titles, is a growing part of the business. Maybe sticking to this format will win out in the end? After all, it works offline and on, just like the big gaming console platforms.

The iPhone 12 is the most anticipated smartphone of 2020Source: Pixabay

Business News and Apple

Hold onto your hat because not all business ventures work out for Apple – it has had some notable failures, such as its bending iPhone 6 and its exploding MacBook batteries of 2017. Nevertheless, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is known to be a sharp investor and there are rumours that Apple may buy a big stake in Disney. Disney has suffered from a falling stock price despite trying to move into the home entertainment market from cinema production. Since Apple TV already exists, a Disney owned by Apple might make sense. However, we hope it doesn’t go as bad as Apple’s famous G4 Cube which started to crack up in 2000 and was discontinued soon after it was first launched! It was about this time when Pirates of Silicon Valley first came out. This television drama focusses on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and gives real insights into the business minds of both men. Pirates of Silicon Valley stars Noah Wyle as Jobs and, who knows, soon we might be able to stream it via a Disney subscription service?

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