Virtual Reality Casino Games Are Here

Virtual Reality Casino Games Are Here

Virtual reality is the new technology hot topic that is taking the world by storm. There are already a number of companies making virtual reality headsets, and the available games are quickly appearing in stores around the world. Predictions say that by the end of 2017 the number of players using headsets will be somewhere in the 10 millions, which means that it is clear virtual reality technology is not only here to stay, but will quickly be dominating the game markets. And yes, online casino games are already gearing up to take advantage of virtual reality.

The highly complicated and advanced virtual reality technology is still currently in its infancy, but the potential is clear to see. And, needless to say, that potential is rather astonishing. At its core, virtual reality simply goes about trying to trick your brain into believing that what it’s seeing is reality, and not a series of computer generated images. This is no small task, given that the human brain is pretty adept at telling reality from fantasy.

The trick is that the headset closely tracks the movement of the users head, and moves the digital images accordingly. It can be pretty convincing, but no one is really being fooled into accepting the digital images as actual reality, just yet. But the future promises it won’t be long until this is a possibility.

Casino Games In VR

One of the prime areas that virtual reality is predicted to flourish is in the online casino game scene. Given the restrictions of virtual reality, namely that the user may only operate in a limited area, casino games are perfect to be turned into a digital VR game. Other games, based around the player moving from location to location, require a bit of creativity to avoid ruining emersion. Given that a casino game by their very nature only occurs in a fixed location, they are VR gold. But how good will it actually be?

A virtual reality casino game combined with fast Internet speeds will be a thing of beauty. Imagine sitting at a poker table, seeing our opponents in real time, and being able to speak to them as if they were in the same room. The mere thought of it is exciting, so the reality of it is sure to blow off a few socks. Modern computers are extremely powerful, and have little trouble rendering such a scene in real time. And, just so we’re clear, the scene we described is not possible in some hypothetical future, it is possible right now. Expect to see virtual reality poker games by 2017.

VR Casino Game Cons

It all sounds amazing, but what are the cons of the new virtual reality technology wave? The first con is that it is not cheap. A computer capable of using a VR headset is already expensive, and the added cost of the headset itself makes the whole setup a pretty penny. At the moment, there are only a limited number of people out there that can afford such a luxury. But, as the technology spreads and becomes more popular the prices are sure to rapidly drop.

Another con is that not everyone currently responds very well to the VR experience. Some report headaches, nausea, and severe vertigo, which make the experience less than pleasant.  These are not widely reported issues at the moment, but it should be noted. These problems will probably also be quickly overcome as the technology advances.

Which Casino Games Will Use VR?

Currently, there is absolutely no reason that any one casino game cannot be made into a virtual reality experience. In fact, the question is not which casino games will become VR, but just how good they will be, and how incredible the technology will become. In other words, we will likely not only be seeing every casino game possible in VR, but likely entire VR casinos that may be explored at will.

Imagine taking a VR trip to a recreation of the greatest and most beautiful casinos in Italy. And yes, you would be able to talk to, and interact with all the other patrons. Again, this is not hypothetical future technology, this is possible right now. It’s just a matter of developers making it happen.

Get VR Now

There are a number of virtual reality headsets already out on the market. They are, as has already been said, expensive, but the experience they provide is astonishing. The game selection is also currently somewhat limited, but this is likely to change very rapidly as more and more developers get into the virtual reality scene. Most games are sure to soon support a virtual reality headset.

In terms of casino games, there are only a few games that currently support VR, but again this is likely to change very soon. If you want to be an early VR adopter, you will likely find headsets for sale wherever video games are sold.

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