Various Mistakes Online Blackjack Players Make

Various Mistakes Online Blackjack Players Make

Online blackjack is a popular casino game with great odds and easy to understand rules. There are many proven and nonsense theories about strategies that help players maximize their winning potential and many players have thus picked up bad habits that do not really maximize anything.

Beginners, intermediate and seasoned players all have their own level of online blackjack available to them, but in order to progress and have better chances of winning, it is vital that all bad habits be unlearned. Gaming Club examines what the common mistakes are, and what players should rather do to become seasoned players more likely to win.

Beginner Tips

Beginners are still learning the rules and familiarizing themselves with the game play of online blackjack. They should always play smart and never bet high until they are aware of what the odds of certain hands playing out are. While the aim is to strive for a hand valued at 21, beginners will learn along the way that they should not play with this as their goal. There are many possibilities and even rules that give them wins on strong hands such as 18 or 19 so they should not strive too hard for 21 as going bust then becomes a strong possibility.

Intermediate Advice

Once a player becomes more familiar with online blackjack the intermediate level is reached where strategy comes into play. No specific strategy is a guarantee and every move should rather be judged by what is on hand and visible on the table, rather than what could be.

The dealer’s hole card, which is the one face down on the table, should be considered against what is in hand but never assumed. The dealer always stands on 17 and if the dealer has a ten valued card or even an ace face up, there is a small chance of the hole card being a ten. This goes against the odds, which are further understood the better players become.

A common mistake of newer online blackjack players is not paying attention to the differences in the rules of various online blackjack games. While across the board they have the same objective, each variation of classic blackjack has some sort of difference which is essential to know.

If a game allows players to surrender it is vital not to do it too often. Players tend to think surrendering is the way to go, but this is a huge mistake as the value lost on surrendering does not equal what could be won with playing a smart hand.

There are many rules for beginners and intermediates to know, which can really influence the outcome of their game. Knowing things such as doubling down and when to split is key as these rules give players more chances to win but not all online blackjack games follow the exact same rules regarding moves such as these. Knowing and understanding is what makes a player a seasoned player.

Seasoned Specialities

A seasoned player is a player who has unlearned the common mistakes online blackjack players make. They are aware of betting smart and strategic, and know what the odds of certain hands are. It is not a hard game to learn and simple odds revolve around knowing which hands have good potential.

Some examples include doubling down on a soft 17 or even a value of a 10 and 11 depending on what the dealers face up card is. The odds are also against players holding a nine against the dealers three to six card but doubling down on the nine increases the odds considerably.

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