Understanding Unique Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are springing up like flowers after a heavy rain, which is a good thing if you’re the consumer. Why, you ask? Very simply because every new online casino is looking to attract business, and this is generally done in the form of offering some crazy good bonuses and special deals. A wise online gambler has an ear to the ground, and is always on the look out for the best possible deals. Hey, we certainly agree that there is no shame in hopping around and snapping up the good deals as they become available. The online world is, after all, the paradise of the bargain seeker.

What’s especially interesting, however, is how online casinos tend to structure and create new bonus deals, which aim to give the customer a great incentive, but are also designed to avoid making the casino broke in the process. This leads to some pretty unique casino bonuses, all of which are very generous. The drawback is, however, that some casino bonuses can be a little confusing.

There are an increasing number of online gamblers saying they have been “scammed” by a casino, which is a bit alarming. The truth is, however, that there was no scam of any kind. The person simply didn’t understand how a bonus worked, and now is getting all hot under the collar about it. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how unique casino bonuses work.

No Free Money

Imagine you’re a baker, and you’re looking to get your bakery a bit of attention. There are hundreds of other bakeries around, all of which offer delicious bread and cakes similar to your own. So, you think, the best thing to do is give every person who walks past your store a free cake. Your cakes are so good, after all, that people will surely hear about them and come in their droves to your store. Good business practice?

No, financial suicide. You will never cover the cost of those thousands of free cakes you gave away, so bankruptcy is pretty much guaranteed. Logical, right?

Online casinos work in very much the same way. A casino cannot give away free money; it would be guaranteed bankruptcy and financial suicide. So, when a casino gives away bonus cash, it needs to come with some sort of failsafe in order to avoid people simply taking the cash and running for the hills.

Wager Requirements

The failsafe comes in the form of wager requirements, and how they are applied to the bonus cash is unique to the casino in question. The most standard wager requirement is generally shown as X 5, or any other number. This means that if you get 10$ bonus money you need to bet 5 times 10$ before you may withdraw the bonus $10, or any cash won with that 10$. The exact specifics wills vary, but the point is that the casino is simply avoiding the $10 being taken and withdrawn without the user spending a cent in return.

So, say you’re a fan of online blackjack and have received $10 bonus cash, with a wager requirement of x 5. You start playing and put down the $10, winning back $20, the original $10 plus $10 more. The whole $20 is still bound by the wager requirement, and may not be withdrawn from the casino, until you make 4 more bets of $10 with that $20. Pretty fair, right?

Other Bonuses

There are a number of bonuses in all shapes and forms offered by online casinos, some of which involve hundreds in bonus cash, others which give free spins on slot games, and just about anything else that can be imagined. Whatever the bonus, it really is up to the player to read and understand the terms and conditions. There are no online casinos giving away free cash, this really should be obvious. Let us not forget the baker analogy. A clever online gambler will, however, take advantage of these bonuses, which is a great way to get a bit of extra cash in the pocket. No, not a way to get rich quick and be the next online casino millionaire, we said; a bit of extra cash in the pocket.

If in Doubt, Ask

Still, some online bonuses can come with a terms and conditions page that looks like the manual for running a nuclear power plant. That is to say; it can get a little confusing. If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering if a particular bonus terms and conditions is even written in English, simply contact the customer support centre of that website. They will be sure to clear things up for you and translate it into comprehensible dialect.

With all that said, we’ll be seeing you where the deals are hottest and casino bonuses most generous. Don’t forget that some websites are dedicated entirely to pointing out where the best deals are currently available. Worth checking out.

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