Top 5 Reasons To Join Loyalty Clubs


If you’re the kind of person who likes to jump around from online casino to online casino, taking advantage of where ever the promotional deals are best, you might actually be missing out. Loyalty Clubs, such as the one at Gaming Club actually offer bigger and better prizes, promotions and perks than you’d get if you jumped around. Loyalty is well rewarded, and you can enjoy the benefits of playing at one casino, all the time.

Here is a list of the top five reasons a person would join an online casino loyalty club.

1.Claim Rewards For Playing Games

If you spend time at online casinos, you may be concerned mostly about your bankroll, and how well you are doing at the chosen game. Once your balance gets low, you will probably move on to a new casino in search of another bonus to boost your now depleted bankroll. Now, take into consideration that you could earn bonus cash simply for being logged on at that casino, and playing the games as normal.

Many online casinos, including Gaming Club, give reward points for each real money bet you place. The bets don’t necessarily have to be of a certain amount or value, and the player need not do anything out of the ordinary in order for the points to register.

Over time the points add up, and can eventually be cashed for free spins, bonus cash, and other prizes. The more time you spend at the casino, of course, the bigger the rewards get, until eventually the player is moved over to the VIP club. And that’s where things really start getting interesting. The VIP promotional deals and benefits are often extremely generous, and go a long way to keeping the most dedicated players happy. Plus, you get to call yourself VIP.

2.Access To Exclusive Offers

Another benefit is that many casinos have exclusive deals reserved for loyalty club members. These deals are generally a great deal more generous than the ones offered to non-members, and are certainly worth looking into.

Best of all, these promotional deals often become exclusive and personalised for VIP members. This means that an online casino will construct a deal that is suited to the games you most enjoy, with rewards that benefit your specific taste in casino games. After all, you wouldn’t want to start playing games you don’t’ especially enjoy, just to take advantage of a promotional offer.

3.Priority Assistance

Many loyalty clubs appoint VIP or high rollers a casino host or provide them with a direct line to a personal account manager. This means that assistance is always on hand and you can ask for anything you need, at any time. Sort of like having a butler, only better!

Simply give word you have questions or problems that need resolving, and someone will be on the case, right then and there. You my even request a VIP host, assuming you have stepped up to that level of the loyalty program. This will mean that a dedicated casino professional will be present during your gaming time, offering assistance when and where it is needed.

4.Get Access To Exclusive Tournaments

Many online casinos have tournaments reserved for loyalty club members. These tournaments, often with impressive cash prizes for the top players, are held on a regular basis, and can be extremely competitive.

Plus, since loyalty club members tend to be the more dedicated players, those who take the game most seriously attend the tournaments. For players looking to get better at games and sharpen their skills, there is no better way to do so. Many of the best professional casino game players started in tournaments such as these, and there are also often Freerolls with real money rewards up for grabs.

5.Earn Additional Perks

Once becoming a loyalty member, points can be earned simply by suggesting the online casino to friends who might be interested. If the friend joins, and state you as the person who mentioned the casino to them, you will earn loyalty points.

There may be numerous other ways to earn additional points too, such as playing specific games at set times, or meeting specific targets. Online casinos make it easy for you to give your loyalty points a bit of a boost, and the more you play, the bigger and better the rewards.

Often loyalty programs work in a tiered system and you can work your way up as you play, unlocking new rewards and perks as you go. This provides an excellent incentive for you to keep enjoying your favourite games and to stick with a casino that looks after your best interests.

There’s nothing better than being rewarded for doing something you enjoy, and that’s exactly what a casino loyalty program will do!

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