Crush 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

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With every New Year, you have a fresh 365 days in front of you, with no mistakes in them yet. As soon as midnight on January 1, 2020, drops into place, you can start fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions. What will you choose work on this year? Will you be successful? Why not make winning at online slots or mobile casino a goal? Maybe you will be lucky in 2020 and win your fortune.

For other resolution ideas, take a cue from a 2019 statistic which shows that the top resolutions for 2020 are all health-related. In the United States, 48% want to eat healthier, 47% want to exercise more, and 41% want to lose weight. Discover the other top resolutions for 2020 in this article and find out if you can achieve your goals – and if you should even bother with New Year’s resolutions.

Why do people make New Year’s resolutions?

Before we even get down to how people fulfil their New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk about the why.

Beyond a New Year’s tradition, the idea of the resolution comes down to the hope of self-improvement. By definition, according to Merriam-Webster, a resolution is “the act or process of resolving: such as the act of determining.” Also, “the act of analysing a complex notion into simpler ones.”

Therefore, it is the act of being determined enough to break a habit or build a completely new one, and breaking that process down into manageable steps.

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Should we declare New Year’s resolutions?

If a New Year’s resolution is about rejecting or criticizing a past habit or element of yourself and wanting to change or improve that habit, is this always a good idea? Only if you are making the resolution for all the right reasons.

New Year’s resolutions never hold for longer than a month if they are made for the wrong reason. You might make an ill-begotten resolution if your friends pressured you into it or if you think society might accept you more openly if you changed this thing about yourself.

You also may not be ready to make the change. If you hold onto your habit or past version of yourself with too much conviction, you will not be able to make it. And that’s Okay. It just simply means this is not your year – yet.

Another resolution block may be that your goal is just too big. If you bite off more than you can chew (lose weight, exercise more, and become a vegetarian), that will likely just be too much to handle.

Your best bet is to still make the resolution but choose one that speaks to you and seems attainable.

What are the top five New Year’s resolutions?

In the spirit of choosing New Year’s resolutions that are achievable, these are the top five resolutions according to statistics, with a modified goal map thrown in for good measure.

Eat Healthier – Eating healthier is always a great goal, but what does that mean for you? Such a general goal may leave you running for a pan of Nanaimo bars before two weeks are up. What you can do is make more basic goals that lead to eating healthier, like resolving to eat more citrus or veggies with two meals a day.

Exercise More – Again, great goal, but how to achieve it? Pick an exercise you like, such as cycling, and plan to do it twice a week. Or choose to take the stairs over the elevator as often as possible.

Lose Weight – Analyze your weight loss goal carefully before committing. You do not need to shed it all off at once. Maybe just ten pounds this year through healthy goals and not a crash diet, and then ten pounds the next year.

Be More Social – In an age dominated by smartphones, getting more organic interactions is a great goal. Decide to not look at your phone during meals out with friends or call your favorite cousin once a week.

Save Money – Start saving money by making small changes to your budget. Maybe this year you put $100 every month into savings, or you make a goal of completely paying off your smallest credit card balance.

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How to Keep Your New Year’s resolutions?

Keeping your resolutions may be hard, but with some strategy you can be successful.

As mentioned, start with something you truly care about changing and begin with small steps. Prepare yourself mentally for the change, preferably in advance of the new year so you have time to plan. As mentioned before, breaking things down into small steps brings the greatest success.

Once underway, keep a journal to record your progress and have a way to vent when things inevitably get challenging. Always, have some grace and remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job just by trying. Give yourself a break when you have setbacks and get back towards your goal with renewed resolve. You can do it!

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