The All-New Magic of Sahara

Gaming Club Casino: Magic of Sahara Source: Microgaming

There’s a new game in town. Its name is Magic of Sahara, and like the hot and arid desert region upon which it is based, it stands to deliver some hot rewards to those willing to spin its reels. The Sahara desert is one of the biggest deserts in the world. Its unrelenting conditions mean that it is almost completely inhospitable, and yet there is life that manages under those unapologetic conditions. The history of the Sahara desert is also one shrouded in mystery and lost in the sands of time. Recent archaeological finds have assessed that there’s a lot we don’t know about this barren land, enough to suggest that civilisation flourished there aeons ago. For now though, let us hope that your bets flourish when you play the all new online slots game from Microgaming, Magic of Sahara!

Microgaming Is At It Again!

One of the real benefits of playing at an online casino that stocks titles by Microgaming is that not only are the games cool and incredibly varied, in so many ways, but the pot itself never stops growing. This is because Microgaming is dedicated to producing a new game each month; and this number has only grown as the company has grown its resources and stretched out its affiliations. In fact, Magic of Sahara is the result of the company’s partnership with All41Studios, one of the many studios it now works with in order to produce more games per month while maintaining that level of quality it’s always been known. Gaming Club, one of Microgaming’s very first clients and thus provider of it games, is proud to offer this new game that blends genres to create an adventure, not unlike those you’ve seen in games like Tomb Raider™ and the Indiana Jones movies.

A Genre-Meshing Theme

Magic of Sahara combines three themes and brings them all together into one coherent casino gaming adventure that’s bound to ignite your imagination. Nature, royalty and travel are this online slot game’s most apparent themes. The nature of the Sahara provides the backdrop, while the travel concept is realised by the various locations, and finally the royalty element is seen in the various characters. As far as slots are concerned, this game is the ultimate North African nomad adventure.

Magic of Sahara – The Game Itself

Magic of Sahara is an intricate slots game, but not to the point that it will confuse players. This makes it an ideal candidate for beginners and experienced players alike. Like many of Microgaming’s previous titles it does offer up some nifty little innovations designed to make the idea of winning all the more exciting. The adventure itself plays out across 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 fixed paylines. Nine possible combinations is going real old school when you consider that so many of today’s slot games offer the Ways System, which doesn’t use fixed paylines. From a feature standpoint, this game truly reinvigorates the genre.

Features of the Game

Gaming Club Casino: Magic of Sahara Source: Microgaming

This new and exciting slots game uses Wilds and Scatters to ramp up those winning possibilities and in addition to this also uses a token system to provide more than one way into the game’s coveted Free Spins feature. Here’s how it can all work to your advantage:

  • The Wild, represented by the game’s logo won’t just substitute other symbols, as is the job of a wild, but it will also become Stacked in both the base game and the Free Spins feature. In the base game it will become Stacked on reels 3 and 4 and on all reels in the Free Spins feature.
  • The Scatter, represented by the bejewelled bowl will multiply wins it completes while 3 or more will lead you into the always-welcomed Free Spins feature. You’ll be rewarded with 5 free spins, but that’s not all you stand to get. The Wild’s ability to be Stacked on all the reels coupled with the ability to get lots more spins makes this feature the one to be waiting for.
  • The second way in which you make your way into the Free Spins feature is by way of the Token collector, which sits above the reels. Each time the old man with the token appears, it collects at the top of your screen and will activate the Free Spins feature when you collect 25 or more. In addition to this, should you win 5 free spins through the Scatter symbol, the amount of tokens you’ve collected will be added to give you more spins. All in all, you could score up to 34 free spins.

Gaming Club Casino: Magic of Sahara Source: Microgaming

The Magic’s Happening at Gaming Club, as we speak, there’s a lot going down at Gaming Club, which is to be expected from an online casino that’s opened 24 hours a day. What’s important is that you make yourself a part of that action! First-time members can score up to $350 in bonus cash after which weekend offers, tournament, loyalty points and even the possibility of VIP membership will become a reality. Why not use the release of Magic of Sahara as your reason to get in all the fun and excitement?

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