Take a Look at TV Series Themed Online Slots

We love watching TV series almost as much as we love playing slots. The best shows are considered the best because they’re packed with side-splitting humour, or because the action and drama leads to suspenseful cliff hangers leaving us gasping for more.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be ecstatic to know that you don’t have to keep your two loves separate. Some innovative software developers got together with some TV studios and released more than a few excellent TV series themed online slots!

A show that has taken the world by storm is Game of Thrones. The epic saga about the four houses of Westeros is played out not only on our TV screens, but across the reels of a couple of bonus features-rich online video slots as well; one with 15 paylines, the other with 243 ways to win.

Join us and discover all kinds of slots with a fantasy focus, and play for huge jackpots on your computer or mobile device.

Love it or hate it, controversial animated comedy South Park has more than proved it has staying power. The TV series has spawned numerous seasons, all manner of merchandise, and two awesome online slots; South Park, and South Park Reel Chaos. Both these games feature the cast of animated characters that have become hugely famous, while the soundtrack will have you smiling as it features the voices of Cartman, Kenny and the rest of the gang.

We’ve all been captivated by the mobster drama The Sopranos, and now you can join the New Jersey-based Italian-American family in getting up to all sorts of shenanigans on five reels and 25 paylines in an online slot packed with bonus games.

Sign up with us, and see what mobster-style slots you can find.

Another popular TV series themed online slot that caught our attention is Sex and the City, which takes the saucy adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and even Mr Big, and turns them into a thrilling five reel and 30 payline game. Female players simply love this game as they have the chance to interact with their 4 besties from the iconic show, and take in some winnings at the same time.

Come play online slots with us, and discover other games that feature favourite TV characters that have been immortalised on the reels!

Famous Singers and Music Themed Online Slots

When it comes to themed casino games, slots certainly take the cake. Almost every modern online slots game has some sort of theme to it. Whether it is a fruit theme, a movie theme or a comic book theme, the idea to incorporate our favourite characters into a slots game makes it all the more entertaining. If you love music you will be happy to know that there are hundreds of games out there that all relate to bands and famous singers.

If you are a fan of a particular singer or band, finding a slots game based on their life and music career can be a major plus. With real footage and audio mixed into the game, players will feel like their favourite musician has made a comeback. If you are a fan of classic rock and roll, Elvis themed slots games are sure to get you shaking those hips. Featuring some of his classic songs, Elvis inspired slots will have you tapping your blue suede shoes all the way to big wins

Sinatra fans will be pleased to know that the themed Sinatra slot also brings to life this famous crooner. Featuring some of his most magical songs and dances, this slot is a must for every fan. For the more hard-core rock enthusiasts, the Kiss slot games brings to life the classic rock band in all their pink and black glory. The Kiss slot will have fans rocking in their seats as the reels keep spinning.  Sticking with hard-core rock, Megadeath is a slot about the famous rock band that shook up the music industry. This rock slot shows video clips and images of the band in live performances around the world.

For the country music fans, the Dolly Parton slot is the perfect game for fans of the buxom blond singer with a voice like an angel. The Dolly Parton slot is filled with images and music from the life and career of this country music legend.

The list of music inspired slots grows each year. Fans of the oldies can enjoy games like Dean Martin, The Monkeys, Kenny Rodgers, ZZ Top, Elton John, Guns n’ Roses and the Rolling Stones. For the younger music fans, games like the Osbournes, X-Factor and Michael Jackson will keep you tapping your feet every time you play online.

Online Slots Games With Magical Themes Singers Who Take a Gamble