Statistics Of Mobile Gaming Growth

Modern casino fans love mobile gaming. With the incredible progress mobile devices have made with regards to processing power, screen size and integration of various technologies, it is safe to say that mobile devices are not going anywhere anytime soon.

The statistics surrounding mobile gaming further backs this up. The sheer number of people that own an Internet enabled mobile device is staggering.

Mobile game developers are only too happy to cater to this large audience base with regular updates to casino games and embracing new developments like Virtual Reality to always remain at the cutting edge.

Fitting In Neatly With Life

Recent studies in the UK have revealed how many people use mobile devices to fit in some casino action during their daily commute. A massive 33% of commuters use their mobile devices to game during their morning commute.

Mobile casino games can cater to any length of commute. You can have a few quick slot spins or you can have a lengthy poker battle.

27% of those users will go on to play more during their lunch breaks at work. These stats don’t only cover the real money games however; they also include players who enjoy free mobile casino games on their mobiles.

Massive Fan Base

While 50% of people in the UK in 2016 played a real money casino game or made a sports bet at least once, in the US, that figure jumps up to 70%.

A large role player in the US is of course their strict gambling laws as well as the fact that many casinos are geographically far apart, so online casino action is just the more sensible option.

With a mobile device for every man woman and child in the US and the average mobile user having 1500 interactions with their device per week, it is no surprise that the projected annual revenue from mobile gaming has shot into the billions for 2017.

In Conclusion

These statistics may come as no surprise as we all have realised how integrated mobile devices have become in our lives.

Casino entertainment should be no exception, and luckily online casinos along with their partnered developers are geared towards providing their members the absolute apex of mobile gaming. The future of mobile casinos looks incredibly bright, and it can only continue to improve along the way!

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