The Smart Phone vs. Tablet Debate

When it comes to mobile casino games, one debate that still rages is whether smart phones or tablets are best to play on. This is one of those no right answer debates, since both platforms clearly have their advantages and disadvantages, but we thought we would give the situation a look and share our five cents on the situation.

As far as we’re concerned, playing on either platform is perfectly viable, but it does help to consider the pros and cons before making a decision. Here is our breakdown of smart phone versus tablet in the mobile casino game world.


A tablet is a magnificent piece of technology. It’s so compact and thin, yet has so much processing power and resources, that the device still boggles the mind. It seems like something taken right out of Star Trek, but happens to exist in our current technological capabilities right here and now. First off, you can’t help but notice that a tablet has a big, extremely clear touchscreen. The images are sharp, well defined, and easy to see. And that is one of the tablets biggest advantages in this debate.

A big screen not only means better visual feedback in the world of mobile devices, but it also means, very simply, more to touch. The reception area for a finger on a tablet is simply bigger, which means less ambiguity when interacting with the device. This result in smoother, easier game play, and one certainly can’t sneeze at this. The tablet wins hands down here, there is no question about it, but that isn’t all there is to consider.

Yes, a tablet is thin and compact, but is simply a much bigger device when compared to a smart phone. You can’t slip a tablet into a pocket; it’s as easy as that. If you want to take a tablet with you somewhere, it will need a carry bag or something similar.

Tablet Pros

  • High Resolution Screen
  • Clearer Images
  • Better Interactivity Due to Screen Size
  • Great Resources And Processing Power

Tablet Cons

  • Larger and Bulkier
  • No as Potable or Conspicuous as a Smart Phone

Smart Phones

Modern smart phones are equally as impressive as a tablet in many regards, being small, amazingly compact, yet still capable of much of what a modern home computer is. It fits in the palm of your hand, yet can display a movie at HD quality without breaking a sweat. It’s a technological marvel, and widely available at basically any shopping centre worth its salt.

You just can’t beat the size and portability of a modern smart phone. Sure, it does not have the large, crystal clear screen of a tablet, but a pocket is a great home for any phone, and that cannot be ignored. Many phones also can’t compare in terms of processing power to a tablet either, but will still run the majority of online casino games regardless. The control can get fiddly on a phone, given the reduced screen size, but most games are still perfectly functional.

It’s the battery that is a smart phones biggest drawback. Tablets have larger, more powerful batteries, and so stay powered a great deal longer. Some smart phones, on the other hand, may well run out of power after just an hour of playing games. It’s a real bummer when you take a phone with to keep you entertained on a long car journey, only for it to run out of juice before the journey even ends.

Smart Phone Pros

  • Small and Very Portable
  • Can Easily Live in a Pocket
  • Can Run the Vast Majority of Online Casino Games
  • Inconspicuous

Smart Phone Cons

  • Sometimes Fiddly Controls
  • Lower Battery life


We said it at the start of this article, and we’ll say it again; this is a no right answer debate. If you want maximum portability on a device that can slip into your pocket, then a smart phone is probably the best choice for you. There is no arguing with a device that can slip into your pocket and be forgotten for hours until you need it again. This sort of convenience is a top tier issue for many people. On the other hand, the battery life of a phone when playing games is also something to keep in mind, as well as the less responsive screen.

If you crave crystal clear, sharp images, and aren’t too worried about where you will store a tablet after using it, then by all means a tablet is probably the right choice for you. The screen is broad and receptive to the touch, and every detail in every image is as clear as day. There is simply no denying that tablets offer better quality. If you want our final conclusive answer, however, this is it; use a tablet when it suits you, and a smart phone when it suits you. It’s as easy as that.

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