All About Skill-Based Video Games

Skill-Based Video GamesWhile gambling may be an exceptionally lucrative hobby for many, it is often believed that there is nothing quite like earned money. Fortunately, there is a new wave of skilled-based video games that are hitting casinos all over the world.

The aim of these games is to give the player the feeling of control once again and to offer them the chance to reap rewards from techniques rather than a simple stroke of luck.

The First Generation

At the end of 2016, it was confirmed that the first generation of skilled-based casino video games were set to invade land-based casinos. GameCo developed these games, and the very first group of video game gambling machine (or VGMs) titles that were released included the topline title, Danger Arena, which can be likened to games such as Time Crisis, Virtua Cop or Terminator Salvation.

Other games have been released by the developer and include the likes of a Candy Crush-inspired Pharaoh’s Secret Temple as well as a basketball-themed Nothin’ But Net, which have been well received thus far.


All in all, there has been a positive reception with regards to skilled-based video games in spite of the fact that the anticipation for them was fairly mixed. While younger players were excited to see more games that reward them for their ability to play, the older generation believed that these types of games don’t belong in this realm of gaming.

Today, it appears that most of the people that have played the new skilled-based video games have received them positively. This is probably due to the fact that they are targeted at millennials that have grown up playing video games.

Big Money for Big Skills

At the moment, the idea of making a decent sum of money through playing a game appears to be confined to eSports, with most players that are familiar with the ever-growing industry of eSports are aware of the fact that there seems to be big money in video games.

In the new skilled-based video games a player’s win will depend on the amount that they wager at the beginning of the game but there will be a way in which you can trigger a jackpot prize.

The online gaming industry updates and changes on a regular basis and Gaming Club is always ahead of the curve with their exciting games. Skills based games look set to make an impact in the near future and you can bet that we’ll be here to tell you even more about them!

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