Great Global Rugby Stories

Wellington’s Westpac stadium
Arguably the greatest and certainly the most successful international men’s rugby side of all-time, the All Blacks rugby team are an immense source of pride for New Zealand. From their first Test match in 1903, the last 117 years have seen the All Blacks racking up the awards. Their renown reaches to all corners of the globe with ... Continue Reading →

Rugby, New Zealand’s national obsession

Don’t get tied up during lockdown – stay fit for rugby by training at home and feed your mind with movies and inspiration
 Rugby was invented in England but many people say it was perfected in New Zealand. Rugby plays a pivotal role in the society and culture of this country, and the national team – the mighty All Blacks – have won the Rugby Championship no fewer than 16 times – an incredible achievement for a nation of only 4.4 million people. Many New ... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Busy While in Isolation at Home

What to do in case of boredom Woman in front of window
Following the outbreak of coronavirus – more properly known as Covid-19 in humans – country after country has asked its citizens to stay indoors and to carry on their lives as best they can without going outside. Staying home may seem like a break from the norm at first but, as the reality settles in, many people are looking for ways ... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to the PS5 Versus the Xbox Series X

Xbox Serie X Microsoft
Sony and Microsoft both have new games consoles scheduled for release in 2020. This is a big year for the video game industry with a lot of money invested in the rival platforms. The premium console market – in which the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will both sit – is worth some NZD$22.75 billion globally. Mind you, that is dwarfed by the ... Continue Reading →