Mobile Technology – Where Next?

A good amount of us play our online casino games on our mobile devices, either tablet or smart phone. And, let’s be honest, there is very little that can be improved as far as playing online poker on a mobile device is concerned. The game looks good, has great functionality, and generally ticks all the boxes as far as good design is concerned. In fact, mobile devices themselves really have reached a sort of technological peak.

They do just about everything we could possibly ask of them, and it seems like there isn’t really anywhere left to advance. At least anywhere that that is logical. Adding tech to mobile devices now might be something like strapping a flashlight to a pen. That is to say; do we really need it, or did the pen work fine without the unnecessary addition?

But we all know the technology industry, and if there is anything anyone can tell you about the technology industry, it’s that it never stands still. It keeps moving, regardless of what point current technology is at. In fact, one might argue that tech industries in general need to keep moving in order to survive, since if there were no advancements, what would be the point in buying new products? We would all be happy with what we had, and giants such as Apple and Samsung would fade away. In other words; a new wave of mobile technology is certainly just on the horizon, so what exactly is it going to involve? Here are the top 3 major advancements that are due by the year 2020.

1. Uncrackable Easy Secure Phones

Modern phones in general are not very secure, especially the Android variety. Yes, most phones have pins and passwords to act as a security barrier, but if you have a pin on your phone right now you’ll know that having to put the pin in every time you pick up your phone is a right royal pain in the backside. Given that phones are already so advanced, you would have thought that a more convenient way would have been invented to keep your phone secure, but still not be a pain to access for the legitimate user.

You’ll be pleased to know that modern phones are set to get a major step up in the sensor department. Some phones already use fingerprint and retinal scanners, which are a good start, but we’re talking about a phone that will not operate unless it recognises your voice, checks you fingerprint, and scans your eye. And no, it won’t be a ten minute process, it will happen almost instantly. Furthermore, if the phone is stolen and the wrong person attempts to access it, it will automatically report itself as stolen and call in the authorities. This new type of ultra-secure phone is set to arrive in the next few years, which can’t possibly be quick enough. Who doesn’t hate having their phone stolen?

2. Foldable Devices

A few early mobile phone devices, referred to as flip-phones, could fold once in half, with the top half flipping open when the device was used. The trend died down pretty quickly, which was a bit of a shame. The idea of a phone folding up to save space when not in use was a good one, and such technology is due for a comeback. But, what we’re talking about is a phone that is almost entirely flexible. A phone that could be folded up into four halves, tucked into a pocket, and unfolded again when needed.

It sounds like a science fiction fantasy, but flexible screens are already in the works, and it likely won’t be long until this is adapted into a flexible mobile device. As it stands there are no phone models set to be flexible just yet, but it isn’t too much of a stretch to say one might be around by the year 2020.

3. Wireless Charging

By far one of the biggest problems mobile devices have is their battery life. Let’s be honest, having to keep charging a modern smart phone is less than convenient. But don’t fret, wireless charging is here, and happens to be just around the corner. Of all the things on this list, wireless charging is the most present. Near future models are already going to support wireless charging, which means that you may simply walk into range of your charger and get a top up.

Best of all, imagine when local cafés start offering free phone charging? You could go about your day getting your phone topped up just about everywhere, and never again face the sinking feeling of looking at your device and seeing it is on low battery. Just pop into a local place for a cup of coffee, and by the time you leave it will be back at 100%. This is another technology that can’t get here fast enough.

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