Life Hacks 101: How To Become More Productive

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Getting into any new routine is difficult enough as it is, and all the more so when it involves forming new habits. Learning how to stop being busy and start being productive is one of those not-so-easy to cultivate kind of things. Or is it? It certainly shouldn’t have to be not so easy. There are fun ways to become more productive and it certainly doesn’t have to feel like work!

Rise And Shine

Getting an early start often translates into getting a head start. Getting out of bed just a little earlier than usual will allow time for everything of importance that should ideally happen before the usual routine of the day gets underway. These are the things that are often left in the ditch, or out to dry, if you will, as a result of there being no time. Ironically, these are also the important things, and those things that set the tone for the remainder of the day. A proper workout, meditation, or a bit of reading (a good book – not a work-related email!) all transform into magic potions in the greater concoction called life.

Mixing It Up

If any one thing is the number one enemy of becoming more productive, and productivity in general, then it’s being stuck in a rut. Learn to be constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to handle everything from humdrum situations and tasks, to challenges requiring mental focus. The way that you used to do things belongs in the past – leave it there. Every day brings along with it a new opportunity for a fresh start. Even better, a new opportunity for a hundred bite-size fresh new starts. The more productive you are and the faster you finish all the necessary tasks the more time you have left for having fun too. And this means you can play pokies, go for a walk on the beach, watch a movie or do anything else you enjoy, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done what needs doing, and can now relax.

Bite-Sized Chunks

The old adage remains true: the best way to consume an elephant is bite by bite! Learn to divide difficult tasks into bite-size chunks. What often happens to many of us is that a task appears to be so daunting and at times even gigantic, that we end up postponing getting started altogether, because it’s just too intimidating a prospect. The result is that we end up procrastinating as well as growing tired under the weight of the pressure of constantly under-performing, even just to our own minds whilst we constantly ponder on the task as of yet incomplete.

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Escape The Chamber Of Worry

It is true that we are quite often our own worst enemies. As soon as something starts to worry you at work, share that concern with another individual. Ideally, this would be someone in the same line as you. Someone who is able to offer a fresh perspective on the challenge that you are facing. Even when someone like this isn’t available, share your concerns with someone else in any way. Often when explaining a problem to someone else, one tends to come up with the perfect solution to the problem all on your own.

Power Of Positivity

It’s true that we become like the company we keep. Even when it doesn’t quite escalate to an extreme extent, we still tend to start seeing the world through the filters of those who we are constantly surrounded by. Surrounding ourselves with positive people will result in our developing a positive view of the world and of our surroundings. Soon, we will realise that we have become more prone towards spotting the solution, than of hampering on the problem and its many challenges.

The power of positivity in the greater picture of becoming more productive must not be underestimated.

Ready to be more productive? Then go for it! Now. Not later!


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