Enjoy The Shop Culture And Pokies In One!

You don’t have to go out to enjoy your favourite coffee anymore – the coffee shop is coming to you! Le Kaffee Bar is a new and exciting offering from Microgaming games studio, coming to your very favourite Gaming Club online casino! Sit back, relax and enjoy the hip new coffee shop as you relax with a fun new online pokie game.

Le Kaffee Bar presents a distilled essence of coffee culture. Whatever your favourite brew, it has it. Macchiatos, short blacks, long blacks, lattes and cappuccinos – it’s all delicious and exciting. Now presented as an elegant online pokie game, this game is sure to appeal to all audiences who love their coffee, and who enjoy the hipster culture that a good coffee compliment oh so well!

This new exciting game is brought to you by the Microgaming Studios. It’s coming to the Gaming Club in June 2019. Your wait will soon be over!

Kick back and relax with your favourite cuppa

We love coffee and just can’t get enough of a good brew. And this game embodies everything we love about the coffeeshop culture – beautiful young hip people, delicious cupcakes, fun styling with chalk drawings (they look just like they’ve been drawn by hand!), and of course a delicious coffee. With the fun bright and young-looking graphics, this is an amazing game, and so much fun to play.

Discover a world of taste and culture with Le Kaffee Bar!

Sit back, enjoy your day with your favourite brew, and have a go at the fun of this game. Whether you prefer a tall, foaming latte, or a sharp short black, or an elegant ristretto, or even a soft, soothing cappuccino – this game has you covered. This game truly packages the atmosphere of a modern, comfortable and cosy coffee shop in a fun online pokie game.

Reeling in the fun

Le Kaffee Bar has a classic low-volatility game structure, consisting of 5 by 3 reels, with 22.57% hit rate. This means there are 243 ways that you can win. There are many modern games, bristling with bells and whistles, and while that’s great for some situations, sometimes everyone just wants to sit back and relax. This game provides a perfect chilled out experience, so you can play your game without getting distracted. The light-hearted fun of Le Kaffee Bar is very attractive. We are loving the simple but elegant graphics, and the cheerful soundtrack. But the best thing about this game is that it’s also packed with the classic Scatters, Free Spins, Wilds and even a fun little Spin Again feature.

Cupcakes and Scatters!

In the Le Kaffee Bar, whenever a Scatter lands on the first or the fifth reel, your set will get one special collectable coffee cup. These are a special feature in the game – as you collect them, your chance to get extra Free Spins and multipliers increase. If you collect 10 of these special cups, you can cash them in for 10 Free Spins, with a 3x win multiplier. Or, if you want to get a bigger bonus, hang on to your cups! Get your collection up to 20 cups, and you will qualify for 15 Free Spins, with an excellent 4x multiplier. And if you really want to maximise your winnings – get your collection up to 30 cups and you will be rewarded with massive 18 Free Spins and 5x multiplier! Wow! It’s a long wait, we know, but it’s so worth it.

Let’s Do The Twist Again!

Well, actually it’s the Spin Again, but we just could resist a bit of fun! This feature, dreamed up by the pokie game development wizards at Microgaming, brings you even more chances to win big. The way it works is like this. Whenever three identical symbols line up horizontally or vertically on your board, you will get a free spin! How good is that?! To make it even more exiting, when that happens, the middle symbol of the combination that triggered your spin will become a Wild symbol and will stay in the same position for the subsequent spin. Which makes it even more fun! This special feature can be triggered both in the regular game play and during the Free Spins. Spins galore!

Cups of Fortune!

Le Kaffee Bar is surprising and delightful new development from the Microgaming studios, and an exciting way to spend an afternoon relaxing with your favourite latte – or a morning with your ristretto! This is a very entertaining little game, why not give it a go today?

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