The Integration of VR and Mobile Gaming

The Integration of VR and Mobile Gaming

When you look at advancements in modern casino gaming, we are currently at a point where two new gaming worlds are set to meet.

One world is the world of mobile gaming, already a well-established industry. With Android services like the Play store and the iOS iStore, there is already a strong commercial base for both developers and customers that helped propel the industry forward.

The second world is the world of VR gaming. VR’s main draw is it’s immersion factor and if you can combine a great app with a mobile VR headset, then you are guaranteed to play some great games like we have here at Gaming Club, like blackjack, slots and more except it will be in an immersive virtual environment.

The Growth Of The VR Market

VR gaming, or virtual reality gaming is an unexplored territory for most people.

There has been a lot of push from big companies to make VR technology more widely adopted, notably Samsung issuing free VR headsets with their VR compatible Samsung S7 phone and of course Google’s budget leap into the market with their Cardboard headset.

A New Level Of Immersion

There are companies that are attempting to focus solely on VR gaming, with the big names being HTC with their Vive headset and of course Oculus with their Oculus VR helmet, but at the moment most people are trying to make the best use of VR attachments for Mobile phones as it will be building on an already existing customer base.

It is much cheaper than buying a dedicated VR helmet and most people are already familiar with their mobile phone and how it works.

Additionally since most casino games are offered for free, it follows that VR casino games will also be offered for free.

The First Steps To A New Way

Currently there are not many options available for VR mobile gaming. Especially when it comes to VR casinos.

People are currently quite happy with the convenience afforded by mobile casino games, but they have yet to experience the immersion in addition to convenience that VR mobile gaming provides.

Playing games will go from tapping buttons on your screen or clicking your mouse, to actually physically using your hands to place wagers, spin roulette wheels or reveal your cards at a baccarat table.

There are differences currently between VR and mobile gaming but hopefully soon these two worlds will be fully integrated.

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