How To Boost Your Internet Signal

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A little over ten years ago the world was still struggling with exceptionally slow internet connection. As of 2010, roughly half of rural residents did not even have internet in their homes. An FCC report mentioned that 21% of people with dial-up did not even have broadband possibilities in their areas. Time travel back ten years before that and most of North America was waiting for the classic dial tone sound as their modems attempted to connect via telephone infrastructure. We could not watch videos, chat groups took an eternity to load, and we definitely could not play online games at a mobile casino whenever we pleased.

Thankfully, today we have the widespread luxury of a broadband internet connection in many forms. Considered any type of internet connection other than dial-up, broadband types include cable, DSL, fiber-optic, satellite, and mobile. Gamers tend to prefer cable, fiber-optic, and mobile broadband for optimal gaming experiences.

Due to the advancement of online connection technology, the gaming world saw its first online game debut in 1984. This game was an RPG (role playing game) called Islands of Kesmei. Although previously developed host-based games, like the Oregon Trail, were technically the grandfathers of online games, Islands of Kesmei was the first commercially-available online title.

Ten years later a Tetris variant, the first mobile game, would appear on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device, paving the way for the gaming apps we love today.

Taking Advantage of Today’s Phones and Increasing the Internet Connection

Technology just does not slow down. With every passing year, competing tech companies unleash the latest in high-speed processors and rugged operating systems, making it easier for consumers to enjoy every app and amenity with lightning-fast immediacy.

Phone users find themselves wanting to constantly hack ways to increase speed and produce limitless downloading and navigation power. The following are common questions the public asks about current mobile devices and speed:

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What can I do with my mobile device to increase performance?

Whether you use an Android or iPhone, the answers are similar.

For an Android, it is imperative that you know the limits of your phone. Do not buy a phone with marginal RAM if you’re a big gamer, for example. Do your research and base your expectations off what you want, whether you want a great camera or see yourself constantly streaming Netflix.

You also want to make sure you are updating all your phone’s OS firmware and apps when prompted. Make a point of cleaning up all unwanted apps, disabling unnecessary ones, and using your Task Killer to clear unused apps from your home screen. Installing a memory card also maximizes storage space and adds speed.

With an iPhone, a top speed-boosting tip is to check if the iOS is updated. Apple’s current operating system for iPhone and iPad is iOS 12. Check this status by scanning the Settings > General > Software update. If you’re experiencing an unusually slow connection, you could also try a restart. Just press and hold the Sleep button until the Power Off slider shows. Swipe it, power down, wait ten seconds, and reboot. This can often fix speed-zapping apps. As with Android, you can also delete unwanted or unused apps and see if that makes a difference.

Other iPhone options would be to clear your Safari browser’s cookies and data to free up memory, delete some photos and messages, or turn down the graphics. Fancy graphics can clutter performance levels. Minimize them by going through Settings to Accessibility and switching “Reduce Motion” to “On.”

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What is the fastest processor and what mobile phone uses it?

Again, this depends on whether you prefer Android or iPhone.

Android’s latest high-speed processor reveal has been Snapdragon 855. Reviewers have found that it yields better performance than the best phones of 2018. The top phone to bear this processor so far in 2019 is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It contains the Android Pie OS, 8/12 GB, and has three cameras, including a 12MP optically-zoomed telephoto and a 16MP ultra-wide lens. The 6.4” display is slick and gorgeous, and the battery is life the largest of any Samsung to date at 4,100mAh.

iPhone’s processor darling of the moment is the A12 Bionic, purportedly faster than Snapdragon. The top phones to bear this processor are the iPhone XS and XS Max. The performance cores on these phones are 15% faster than the A11 and use 50% less power. Also known for best-in-class cameras, increased Face ID sensitivity, and exquisite screens, these are apparently the best iPhones to hit the market.

What are mobile networks and what is 5G?

Mobile network technology is what allows smartphones to connect to the internet quickly. Currently, we use 4G, which means “fourth generation.” Launched in 2012, smartphone users are looking forward to the possibility of 5G network, which would run approximately 100 times faster than 4G. Some skeptics have been concerned about the health risks associated with increased radiation from 5G, but scientists state that these potential problems appear largely unfounded. Canada can look forward to access to 5G in 2020 and a whole new world of fast-paced mobile gameplay and user interface.

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