Gambling Law Under the Microscope

Gambling laws can often be very confusing, convoluted, and difficult to understand. There are many laws and aspects of casino games to take into consideration, and often governments and licensing boards can get caught up in the various factors. For this reason it can be confusing to some as to whether online casino gaming is legal in their region.

This may not be true for all regions, but in some regions a person can be left scratching their head as to whether they are or aren’t allowed to participate in online casino games. In many regions online casino games have only recently just become legal, and some residents may not be fully aware of what changes have occurred.

Either way, it pays to know the online gambling laws, and gambling laws as a whole, in your particular region. Let’s take a close look at the legality of online casino games, and how they affect the average player.

Law By Region

It is very important to keep the idea that gambling laws are different depending on the region of the world a person resides in. Each region has decided on it’s own official gambling laws, and a website must abide by the laws of it’s particular region. Players must also abide by laws depending on their region.

The easiest ways to learn about the laws of a region is simply to search for them online. The majority of regions will clearly state gambling laws, in both land based and online contexts. Due to laws constantly being updated, however, it pays to get a refresher of these laws on a regular basis. Very simply; what is legal and illegal today may not be the same in a few months, or even a few days.

For example, it may be perfectly legal to play casino games in a real world casino in a region, but not legal to play casino games online. It may no seem to make sense, but those who make and regulate gambling institutions have reasons for putting laws in place.

What Is A Legal Online Casino?

When it comes to the law it is generally a case of something being legal, or not legal, and there not being much space between the two for a grey area. In the case of online casinos this is largely the case, with an online casino either fitting within the confines of the law or not.

An online casino must have a license to operate, and there is certainly no middle ground in this department. Every online casino must obtain a license from the required department, and display evidence of this license on their website. If a casino has not obtained a license, it is very simply not a legal online casino.

A license gives the casino permission to operate, and likewise declares that the casino is abiding by all official laws. Laws that influences a casino involves how much casino games payout to players, as well as how much is given in tax to official government departments, depending on the region the casino is operating under. It is, therefore, very important to always ensure that an online casino is legal before depositing money and playing any casino games.

Ensuring An Online Casino Is Legal

Upon visiting an online casino, look for the logo that declares the casino legal and licensed. This logo can generally be found in the bottom right of the casino’s homepage. Clicking on the logo should give more information about the license that the casino is operating under.

Remember that rogue unlicensed casinos do exist in the online world, that are operating illegally. Playing at such casinos can be very risky and dangerous for a number of reasons, and it is best to avoid these casinos at all costs. Remember that although the rogue casino may seem to be offering amazing deals that they are unlikely to payout if a big jackpot amount has been won.

If coming upon a rogue casino online, it is a good idea to report this casino immediately and have it taken down. The more people visit the casino and deposit money, the more players that are simply going to get ripped off. Reporting a rogue casino is simply the polite thing to do where other players are concerned.

Online Borders

Remember that just because it is possible to access overseas websites, it does not mean that online laws are being avoided. Websites in other countries are abiding by laws of that region, and not the region that the user is residing in. Hence, visiting a foreign website does not mean that a player is now subject to the laws of the overseas region.

In many countries, however, it is perfectly legal to gamble online at foreign websites, since the laws of the two regions align, and no laws are being broken. In most cases a website will inform a player if they are or aren’t allowed to play an online casino games, upon the game being selected.

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