Your Guide to the New Online Slot: Fortress Charge™

Gamingclub Casino: Fortress ChargeSource: Microgaming

Like many of the best online pokies around these days, Fortress Charge has an instant visual appeal with smooth animation and excellent graphics. Anyone who looks at it for even a second will be transported to a magical realm, which looks like it is set in the high Middle Ages. The game features plenty of fantasy that might put you in mind for the Knights of the Round Table, Hogwarts School, or even Merlin the Magician, but Fortress Charge is very much in its own imaginative universe. The game is laid out with six reels split over three rows.

Designed by Crazy Tooth Studio – the people that brought us titles like Diamond Force, the Incredible Balloon Machine, and Queen of the Crystal Rays – Fortress Charge works on the popular and trusted Microgaming software platform. So, what can you expect of this new pokie game when you try it out for a spin?

Fortress Charge™ – The Basics

To begin with, Fortress Charge has spinning reels that offer up to three potential paylines per turn. This game is one of those pokies online, which works well on any device thanks to some dynamic scaling that makes the graphics work well on desktops or smartphones. In the game, you will see heroes, such as dragons, elves, knights, and dwarves. There are also villains to look out for, including ogres, scorpions, and snakes. Some of these beat others. For example, a villain boulder symbol will beat an elf, a knight or a dragon but not a dwarf. Similarly, an elf can defeat a scorpion but not the other villainous symbols.

In addition, you can also get accessory symbols. These include things like magic wands that will defeat any villain and shiny shields that beat scorpions and snakes. It is a bit like paper-scissors-stone, only with more depth! Most players will get the hang of these symbols easily enough and the game helps you when you are new to it. What you really want to spot, however, is a chest symbol since this will award an on-the-spot prize. Defeated villains also mean winning a prize as will obtaining one of the game’s three fortress symbols. You will also see multiplier symbols and, in Fortress Charge, they are generous. There is a x2, a x4, a x8, and even a x16!

Gaming Club Casino: Fortress ChargeSource: Microgaming

Game Features in Fortress Charge™

Interestingly, Fortress Charge does not have any scatters, wilds or bonus game trigger symbols, so it really stands out from many other pokie games. What it does have, however, is something called REEL QUEST™. This feature uses all of the aforementioned heroes and villains. Basically, you want to make use of your heroes to progress from the left-hand reel to the right-hand one, ideally to make your way to one of the fortress symbols.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that because the villain symbols might stand in your way. However, with the right combination of heroes, villains, and accessories to help you, it is possible to do so. Ideally, your hero will have a magic wand in their possession because this will mean any obstacles are overcome. However, there is also another quirky part to REEL QUEST™. At random moments, fireballs can rain down on the action from above. These will also clear villains from a hero’s path making it easier to land a big prize. In the feature, you can theoretically win as much as 1,500 times your stake so it really is worth taking those villains on.

Fortress Charge™ – Summing Up

Players should not be put off by the rather complex rules about which villains lose to which accessories and heroes. It all becomes very clear once you start playing. In fact, you don’t ever have to really take this fully on board if you don’t want to. What the feature and one-of-a-kind gameplay affords is something that is just that bit different from the average pokie game. This is a high volatility game that will appeal to certain types of players, especially those looking for a potential jackpot that is 16,000 times their stake! However, the novel approach is the thing that really sets it apart. The payout ratio is well over 96 percent and the total hit frequency exceeds 12 percent. Why not give it a try and see if you have what it takes to become your very own heroic character?

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