Commonly Used Casino Jargon

A casino is a little world unto itself. In the real world, casinos have their own lighting, shops, special decorations, and even their own unique language. This is referring to, of course, the common slang that is used at casinos. Most are aware of the commonly used phrases, and have a pretty good idea of what it means. For those unaware, however, it can all seem a bit confusing.

Real world casino slang has also been carried over to online casinos, and so it helps to understand this slang, even if you are only planning to hit the online slot games. Don’t worry, though, most casino slang is pretty easy to understand, once you get the hang of it.

Let’s take a look at the meanings of some of the more commonly used slang and jargon terms in the casino world.

Hit Me

Yes, this is one of the most obvious, and just about everybody knows what it means. Still, it doesn’t hurt to go over it, just in case someone got the wrong idea. Hit me, of course, is a term used when playing blackjack. The game is based around a player attempting to get as close to a total of 21, without exceeding 21.

The player is initially dealt two cards, and may ask for another, or choose to stick with the original two. If wanting another card the player will say hit me. If not wanting a card the player will say stick.

Whale Or High Roller

A whale, also known as a high roller, refers to a player that is likely going to spend a lot of money. Casinos like to pay special attention to whales, and so will inform one another when a whale is on the premises. The term is affectionate, of course, and simply a way for casino staff to let one another know that a VIP is in the area.

Don’t be concerned if you’re not a whale yourself, though, because casinos like to take good care of all their customers regardless. And who wants to be called a whale, anyway? On the other hand, a casino might just refer to you as a fish.


While high rollers are called whales, new players are referred to as fish. This is also an affectionate term, and used as a way for casino staff to let each other known that there is a beginner in the area. This is so that the newcomer can be given special attention, be made to feel comfortable, and be offered help if they get confused or stuck. You may even wish to tell a casino you’re a fish yourself, just in case you have any questions about the game you’re playing.

Galloping Dominoes

This is an interesting term that refers to the dice in dice-based casino games. It perhaps isn’t essential to know such a thing, but is a great term that has become common among those who play dice-based games. You might also hear someone at a dice-based game talking about rattling bones. Don’t worry; it’s not a malicious term at all.

Rattle Them Bones

Rattling bones is what it is referred to when a person shakes dice before throwing them. The dice will, of course, make a clicking sound in the player’s hand. This is called rattling the bones. Interestingly, dice in days of old were often made of bone, which is likely where the term came from. And since we’re still on the subject of diced-based games, lets talk about the shooter. Also not a malicious term.


The shooter is the name given to the person currently throwing the dice at a craps table. It is good to take note that in the game of craps, although the shooter is the one throwing the dice, onlookers are also allowed to place bets on the outcome of the game. Craps is, of course, the most commonly played dice-based game in online and real world casinos, and very easy to learn and play.

Pit Boss

The pit boss is a very important person in a casino, and should only be called on when there is a dispute of some kind. This refers to all disputes, including those that a player has with something that has occurred during the game. A pit boss will always be on standby, and can be summoned to settle the dispute in a professional and fair way.

In real world casinos a pit boss is called by simply asking for him. At online casinos the pit boss or casino support team can be liaised with email, or by live chat. It is important to keep in mind that once a pit boss has made a decision, the decision will stand. Also, be sure to take note of the exact details of the issue and explain them clearly to the pit boss, so that he or she may make an informed decision that is fair to everyone.

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