Casino Game Personality Test

Casino Game Personality Test

Casino games tend to be like a good pair of shoes. Either the shoes fit, are comfortable, and you can walk a mile in them, or, perhaps, they just aren’t exactly right. If they don’t fit properly; no problem, there are other shoes to try.

Not all casino games fit all types of players. Different games tend to appeal to different personalities, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Maybe you just don’t enjoy blackjack as much as other players do, or perhaps poker just isn’t your game. The important thing is that you find the casino game that suits your particular personality. Not sure? Why not take our casino game personality test and see if a little light can’t be shed on the matter.

  • Go Fast Or Go Home

Some people like to live life to the extreme, and maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you like to drive fast, eat fast, shop fast, think fast, and generally just approach every situation in life with 100% conviction. Perhaps you’ve already been bungee jumping, found it too boring, and taken up skydiving instead. You are? Then maybe you’re not the right person to play a slow paced game like poker.

Roulette has one of the fastest turnaround times of any casino game, and it is known for being the pulsing heart of casinos everywhere. Roulette is played fast, players are generally on a permanent adrenaline rush, and if you can’t keep up, it probably isn’t the game for you. If the fast pace sounds like just your cup of tea, and you relate to the above-mentioned bungee jumping scenario, then perhaps roulette is exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Bring It On

Being competitive is just in some people’s blood. Were you the person who insisted on being in every race during the school sports day, and were not satisfied unless you aced every one? Are you first to sign up for every work fund raising marathon, with the intention of training daily and being first? Do you actively put in extra hours at work with the sole intention of being sales manager of the month? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or similar questions, you probably already know what being a naturally competitive person is.

In the online gambling world competitive players generally gather in one location; the poker tournaments. There is a ferociously competitive spirit at many of the regularly held tournaments, and friendly rivals face off with the goal climbing the global ladders. From quarterfinals, to semi finals, to finals, poker tournaments are a tense and exciting occasion. Plus, there are a great number to choose from, so many so that a dedicated player will be spoilt for choice. Tournaments such as these are where professional poker players honed their skills, and it stands to reason that a person with a competitive streak would be right at home.

  • Hey Big Spender!

Some folks just aren’t happy at any online table marked with low or medium betting limits, and that’s not a problem. If you’ve got the cash to flash, then let no one stand between you and the high stakes tables. Of course, virtually all casino games have high stakes tables, but only a few games have reputations for attracting high stakes players. Don’t know which game? Think James Bond.

Baccarat is a game with a notorious reputation for being played by high stakes gamblers. This trend started many years ago, but has carried through to modern times, partly due to Ian Flemming writing a few books about a certain spy. Yes, James Bond really did play Baccarat back in the day. He may seem to lean more towards poker these days, but baccarats reputation as a high roller game has stayed firm in many online casinos. Big spenders, you may wish to head over to the baccarat tables.

So Who Are You?

So which personality type are you? Maybe a little of all of the above? The great thing about online casinos is that you can try out all the games mentioned, and decide once you find the perfect fit. Alternatively, you can always try something different and enjoy the immense variety on offer it’s up to you!

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