Can You Take Your Dog On a Plane?

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Put simply, it is possible to take a dog on a flight, even an international one to Europe. However, not all flight operators provide a service that includes pets, so you need to make sure you have booked properly and completed all of the necessary paperwork to make sure your pet can continue your onward journey with you when you touch down. Then there is your accommodation to consider once you have left the airport. Before you leave, you should therefore look out for hotels that offer pet-friendly places to stay. While you are relaxing in the hotel’s wellness centre or flopped on your bed to play online casino games your pet should be able to enjoy pet day care facilities. That’s the best way of enjoying an overseas trip with your pooch! That said, what are the important factors to consider when you first plan your dog-friendly break?

Choose a Suitable Airline

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Firstly, although it is possible to find an airline which will allow your dog to travel with you, by far the majority of commercial air operators don’t offer this sort of service. Therefore, if you don’t want to go to the expense of chartering your own private jet, you will need to choose your airline carefully. Although some smaller, independent airlines are friendly towards dog-owning passengers, there are only around eight internationally known carriers which will allow dogs on board in the cabin. Often, there will be a maximum weight that is allowed on board which will include the crate or carrier you are using to house your pet. This can impact on dog owners who possess larger breeds, of course.

In addition, some airlines, such as Air France, no longer allow crates and you must use a purpose-made bag-like carrier instead. Some only provide room for pet in the hold while others run fleets which include some aircraft that are not suited to pets so you have to check which services will allow you to transport your dog and which won’t. Although you should be able to exercise your dog before boarding, this is something that is often outside the control of the airline, so you should check with your departure airport. In addition, it may be necessary to break up a long-haul flight into two or more shorter hops so that your dog is not subjected to too long a journey.

Make Sure You Have a Pet Passport

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If you are travelling to Europe, then a pet passport is a must. If you turn up at a European airport ready to enjoy your holiday with your dog and you don’t have one, then you can expect your pet to be quarantined. International pet passports are nothing new and cover many different types of animal. In the case of dogs, they are there to help prevent the spread of conditions such as rabies. A European Union-issued pet passport will be needed if you intend travelling to any of the countries in that bloc. They will need supporting documentation from your vet to show all the necessary vaccinations have been administered before one will be issued to you.

Once you are set with your documentation and have chosen the right flights, it is time to take to the skies and enjoy a dream holiday with your best friend!

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