Build A Smart Home Without Breaking the Bank

Turn your home into a smart home on a budgetSource: Pixabay

In an age where smartphones are now the accepted norm, other technology also seems to be raising its own IQ. The phrase ‘smart home’ is becoming more common, ushering us into an era where our living quarters are evolving to make our lives easier than ever before. There’s only one problem; smart homes aren’t exactly cheap.

But don’t give up your dream of having a home with lamps that turn on remotely, live dealer black jack games that stream directly to your TV and thermostats that adjust the heat at your every whim just yet. It turns out, that with a bit of ingenuity and careful buying, you can build your own smart home.

Take a look at these amazing items that will ensure a smart home for you; you won’t have to break the bank to buy them either.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are the first, and cheapest, step to making your home smart. They simply fit into a wall socket, and accept the plug of any electronic device. The twist? Smart plugs can be controlled via smartphone applications. This means that the electronic device you’ve plugged into the smart device can now be switched on and off via your phone. Neat, right?

Working best with coffee makers, lamps, and other such things that are best switched on at a certain time, anyone who is a little bit creative can make a whole lot of things smart, and for a price that is very reasonable.

Smart Lamps

Smart lamps do what you’d expect, more or less. Once they have connected to your home Wi-Fi, they are remotely tuneable, with a wide variety of colours available. Alternatively, they can be set to automatically change their colour and brightness over time, as you prefer.

They may cost somewhat more than an ordinary lamp, but are a step in the right direction for a home fully accessible via smartphone.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

While pricier than the other two devices above, the Wi-Fi thermostat is arguably the most essential. It does just what you would expect, allowing access to your heating via a smartphone. But once you get one and have it installed, you’ll ask yourself how you ever used to get up to adjust the temperature.

Turn up the heat smartlySource: Pixabay

Remote Streaming

Considering how much we rely on our smartphones, tablets and computers for multi-media functionality, it’s easy to see why this device makes it on to the list. Remote streaming devices allow for instant transmission of signals to your television, simply by fitting into an HDMI port. This means images on your phone, laptop or tablet can be watched on your television, with no fuss.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Also a device that many would consider essential; smart security cameras stream directly to your phone, via your Wi-Fi. This means that you can check up on home wherever you are, any time. Plus, many smart security cameras have built in motion detectors, and will connect with smart lights. This means that if the device detects movement, it can turn on any outside lights in the vicinity.

Smart Batteries

Designed to be used in smoke detectors, smart batteries will send signals to your phone, when the smoke detector is activated. So, even if you are not at home, you can be notified of potential fires at the household. The batteries can of course send the signal to multiple devices, and can also be put on snooze if you happen to be cooking up a particularly smoky storm in the kitchen.

Wi-Fi Grill Assistant

Last on the list, and perhaps a bit less essential is the Wi-Fi grill assistant. This device has a prong that is inserted into cooking food, and will send a signal to a phone when the food in question reaches a certain temperature. It is useful for those who like their steak at just the right temperature, and is the ultimate smart home tool for the avid foodie.

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