Are You A Lost Vegas Zombie Or Survivor?

Are You A Lost Vegas Zombie Or Survivor?

When it comes to slots games the zombie apocalypse is becoming quite a popular theme. One of the latest zombie games to hit the market is Microgaming’s Lost Vegas. Here at Gaming Club Casino, players can indulge their zombie fantasies with this epic 5-reel survivor’s versus zombie slot that features two separate game modes. At the start of the game, players can choose to play as zombies or survivors. Which mode would you choose?

Microgaming’s Lost Vegas slot is a high quality 5-reel online video slot game with 243 Ways to Win. The game takes place in a fictional world where the apocalypse has turned humans into zombies. Deep in the heart of a crumbling Las Vegas, a small band of survivors have joined together to fight off the flesh eating undead. Lost Vegas is a fully immersive slot packed with free spins, bonus games and two game modes for players to choose from.

Zombie Infection Bonus

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Lost Vegas slot is having the ability to choose between being a zombie or a survivor. Each game mode offers a completely different experience with a separate set of bonus features. In Zombie mode, players join the undead in search of food in the form of fresh humans. The zombie mode includes a free spins bonus that has an additional infection feature where players can win extra cash.

Stash Your Wins in Survivor Mode

If you fancy yourself more of a hero survivor, the Lost Vegas survivor mode gives players a chance to join the human resistance and fight off the zombie hordes with whatever means necessary. In this mode players can trigger a free spins bonus round with a “Stash” feature. Here, players can boost their bankroll by stashing prizes and fighting off bloodthirsty zombies.

Be Both a Zombie and a Survivor

If you are finding it difficult to choose a game mode, the good news is that you can swap between zombie and survivor mode at any given time. Like an apocalyptic schizophrenic, you can be both a zombie and a survivor if you want. After any spin, click on the game mode and reap the benefits from a different bonus round.

To trigger the free spins round in both modes, players must land 3 hazard symbols anywhere on the five reels. In zombie mode players can look forward to whole reels of infected Wilds. With survivor mode, players can win a Stashed cash prize at the end of the free spins round.

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