Advantages Of Live Dealer Games

Few will dispute that there is something very thrilling and engaging about interacting with a live casino croupier. But not only does it mean that you are required to act more promptly, it also means that your decisions are observed by a watchful pair of eyes. One can’t help but feel that the croupier, be it a he or she, can spot a badly made choice.

A croupier would, of course, in no way ever criticise or pass judgement on a decision made by a player, and is nothing but friendly and helpful. And, in fact, a croupier has hosted so many countless games that the actions of any one player are barely even registered in their head, beyond required professional obligation. But some players insist that they feel pressure when dealing with a live croupier, and who can blame them? In traditional RNG casino games a player is observed by no one, can take all the time in the world to make a decision, and has not a soul to feel judged by if taking an enormous risk that ends up failing. So does this mean that RNG casino games are better than live dealer games? Certainly not! Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of playing live dealer casino games.

Personal Attention

It may seem like a small courtesy, but a live croupier will always say out loud the total of your cards when playing blackjack. Plus, will always state if an ace is being played, and what the two potential totals are. It is the job of a professional croupier to not only make sure the game goes smoothly and efficiently, but also to help you, the player, feel relaxed and in control of the game. Traditional RNG casino games are indeed designed to be user friendly and streamlined, but will never equal the personal level of attention offered by a real person.

You may ask the live croupier a question about the game at any time, and get an instant answer. RNG games indeed have a help section, but if wanting a personal response you will have to send an email. And as to when that email will be answered is really not certain. Generally online casinos will try to answer an email as quickly as possible, but this may well still be a few hours later. Having a person standing by, ready to answer questions on the spot, is a luxury that cannot be overlooked. In other words, the personal attention offered by a croupier is a major advantage of live casino games.

Sharing a Victory

If playing RNG casino games for any length of time, you will likely know what it feels like to win a big hand, score a major victory, or otherwise achieve something impressive, and not have a single solitary soul around to witness it. Sure, many veteran players will say its not about having someone around to tell you “well done,” but who can deny the feeling of achievement when a croupier says “well played, sir.”

Being part of something current and real is an electrifying experience, and it is just not possible to recreate that feeling via an RNG casino game. The live dealer factor takes the online casino game experience to a whole new level, and this cannot be denied. The human factor is a magical thing that can only be achieved with one essential ingredient; living, breathing humans.

The Pit Boss Factor

Has something ever occurred in an RNG online game that you feel just isn’t acceptable? Have you felt like wanting to take it up with the manager, only to realise that this would mean typing up an email, sending it off, and not really being sure when a response will arrive? Every live dealer game has a pit boss. In other words, it has a person watching over events who makes sure things are fair, and going according to the rules. If you have any disputes about the events, you may summon the pit boss, and he will instantly resolve the issue.

This is another advantage of live casino games, and one that everyone will appreciate when the situation calls for it. No sending emails and hoping that a customer support centre resolves the issue. Simply call the pit boss, and have the situation sorted out while you wait.

Live Online Casinos Are Great

In conclusion, there are many advantages to playing at a live casino. The experience is thrilling, the personal attention outstanding, and levels of professionalism always top notch. Anyone who is a fan of online games, and has the Internet bandwidth to support it, should certainly try out a live online casino. It may well change the way you think about the online casino experience forever, in the best possible ways.

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