5 of The Most Useless Gadgets Ever Made

There are some inventions that have made life easier, and more convenient for everyone. Such as the invention of a casino online that cuts out all that annoying having to get dressed and drive to an actual location just to have fun. Other inventions, however, are so useless and so utterly pointless that it is a serious wonder who actually put in the time and effort to get them to a manufacturing stage. It is these nutty inventions that we are interested in today.

Why? Because, let’s just face facts, sometimes you want to switch your brain off, strap a helmet to your head, and have robot wheels attached to your feet. Does it make life easier? Not at all. Does it help you get from point A to point B? Sort of, but not really in a way that would be considered convenient. So why do they exist? Because you just switched your brain off, that’s why…

Segway Drift

Segway DriftSource: Segway Philippines

These are the robot wheels we were talking about. They sort of resemble rollerblades, but cost about fifty times as much. The marketing involved seems to be trying to sell them as a gadget for cool kids. But who in their right minds, cool kids included, would spend $400 on robotic rollerblades? Just about no one.

Perhaps the trend will catch on and the sidewalks will soon be populated by robotic rollerbladers. Or perhaps the Segway Drift will go the way of Google Glass. Our money’s on the latter.

The Snowball Maker

The Snowball MakerSource: CoolStuff

When having a snowball fight, you want each and every snowball thrown to be perfectly symmetrical. This is obvious, and the reason that the snowball maker was created. Using hands for such things is nothing but foolishness. Clearly, a dedicated tool is required.

There is no information suggesting the creator of this device is now a humble millionaire. If he or she isn’t, there is no justice in the world.

Cookie Dunker Utensil

Cookie Dunker UtensilSource: Dunking Buddy

You’re eating cookies, and drinking milk. Then, like a bolt of lightening an idea strikes. You could dunk the cookie into the milk. If only you had a utensil that could assist in making this epic puzzle a reality. Some sort of cookie dunking utensil, making it possible to get a cookie a little way into the milk, but not too far. Why, oh why, has a utensil not been created that would bring all the factors of this dilemma together, and solve them?

The inventor of the snowball maker probably doesn’t seem that daft now, right?

Lime Wedge Bottle Insertion Tool

Lime Wedge Bottle Insertion ToolSource: WorthPoint

Much of what was said about the cookie dunker utensil can be said for the lime wedge bottle insertion tool. But, what makes the lime wedge inserter superior is that it manages to over complicate to a degree that the dunker utensil could only dream of. It comes complete with a plastic bottle sleeve, which helps prevent the beer from spilling over when the insertion tool is brought into play.

It’s difficult to make jokes about it, really, because at some point the level of utter uselessness stops being funny, and starts making you wonder about the future of the human race. Someone out there put time, thought, and effort into this. At least they can be commended for determination.

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