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It’s a Lottery for 1 with Online Keno

Fans of playing the lottery will love Gaming Club Casino’s choice of Keno games. Keno combines the instant-win fun of Bingo and the lottery, and offers some sizeable payouts for lucky players, too. What’s more, if you have ever played Keno at a land-based casino, you will have no problem adapting to the version available at our casino online, since the rules are exactly the same.

Online Keno Mobile Ireland

The Bets Possible for Online Keno

There aren’t as many bets available Keno as there are for Blackjack online, but this won’t affect the fun the game delivers! If you play a straight Keno ticket you will simply select the spots you want played, and then wait for the RNG to complete the draw. If you play a combination ticket, however, a number of straight bets are combined on the same Keno ticket, and you will then be able to enjoy the chance of making more than 1 winning combination.

The Payouts Online Keno Games Offer

Keno games, like online slots, have payouts that will differ from game to game, but the essentials of winning remain the same. The more hits you manage to get, the higher your eventual payout will be. In most Keno games your payouts get calculated according to your stake being multiplied by the winning total, and this number is then multiplied once more, according to how many spots are on your Keno ticket.

Spot the Right Numbers

Keno is simple online casino fun, and, unlike Roulette or Blackjack, for example, does not require that you memorise bet types or work on any sort of strategy in order to get playing and winning.

Your objective when playing Keno at the greatest online casino Ireland has to offer is to mark off between 1 and 20 numbers on your virtual Keno card, and have these match as many of the numbers drawn as possible. Just click, or tap, on the numbers you wish to put into play and your spots, as they are called, will be selected.

In common with the Blackjack and other casino games we make available, the Keno on offer here runs on state-of-the-art software. This makes use of a certified random number generator that will virtually draw the numbers at the end of the Keno game, and your ticket will automatically mark off all the spots you hit, so need never worry that you have missed a possible win!

The Benefits of Online Keno

While it may be a more solitary experience, playing Keno at Gaming Club rather than at a land-based casino has numerous benefits:

You don’t have to dress up in order to travel anywhere, and can enjoy online and mobile Keno games in your pyjamas if you want to!

You do not have to factor in any additional costs when you want to play a quick Keno game, since you will not be driving anywhere, staying out, or eating food and drinking at a land-based casino restaurant or bar. All the money you save by playing Keno on your PC or handheld can be spent on another game if you wish!

The quick pace of Keno means that it really is an ideal choice for today’s busy player, and the wide reach that Gaming Club Casino enjoys means that you can get into a game from pretty much anywhere at all, at any time of day or night.

Find out what all the fuss is about, when you enjoy Video Poker, online Keno and so much more at Gaming Club, the finest online casino Ireland has ever seen!


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