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New Zealand’s favourite Mobile Casino

If we look back upon yesteryear and we look specifically at casinos, the image is immortalised in our memories of large colourful neon buildings that house row after row of games machines and tables. We look upon these memories with fondness in the same way we look upon our first car, fun at the time but ultimately out of date and good for nothing but a story telling venture.

We live in a new age, one filled with instant communication, online banking and remote shopping. The day of the casinos are long gone and in its place comes the online version, the online casino that simulates everything done in a casino with spectacular quality and real life features. Why drive down to your local casino when you can log on a play from home? It only makes sense.

Mobile Casinos have arrived!

The next obvious evolutionary step for the online casino was to go mobile when the new iPhones and Android phones were created, with their smartphone technology apps and their touch screen functionalities; they were the perfect mobile platform for mobile casinos to take root. And so they have, with everything from the iPad to the Blackberry phone, you can download and install mobile casino apps that allow you as a player to connect, log on and play for real money no matter where you may be. You could be waiting in the parking lot for your son to finish soccer and win a mega jackpot; you could be in the waiting room at the dentist and finally beat that guy from across the sea in a game of live poker.

Mobile casino games

The sky is the limit, with mobile casinos now expanding and technology granting more and more power to developers of casino games software, you can play just about any contemporary game, from progressive pokies games that afford you the chance at jackpots ranging in the millions to Classic Blackjack tables where you can apply your skills any time of the day.

Mobile casinos are nothing to be scoffed at, their graphics may be a little behind the online casino software but essentially they can allow you to do just about everything you can do at an online casino. All the functions are there from “Bet Max” and “Auto spin” features, to extended e-wallet and electronic funding methods, your mobile phone can be your new computer.