Is it Worth Betting on Intuition?

There really is never a good time to bet with your intuition unless your intuition is guided by some deep seeded knowledge, or you are a completely casual bettor who is betting on one team or player as opposed to the other because of a gut feeling. In this case, you will be mainly betting for fun with only hope and not expectation of winning.

For a more frequent bettor, placing bets based on intuition is not necessarily wise. Just because your home team is where your heart lies does not mean that they have the odds or are the favourites to win.

The reality of the situation is that anything that can be bet on comes with certain probabilities, and these need to be weighed up before making a smart or valuable bet. If you are perhaps well versed in the knowledge of how a casino game works, you can probably assume that your gut instinct is telling you that a specific bet is more likely to win, but never count on it.

Types of Intuition Bets

There are many cases where intuition bets are chosen above logic and probability. It may not just be down to beginners or amateurs because some frequent bettors may have actually had some good luck with their intuition bets.

In sports betting there are many scenarios where intuition bets are preferred such as betting on your home team, the team who you prefer or even the team that did not knock yours out of a tournament or championship.

It is quite common to bet on horses whose names are the most appealing too. Again, some have actually won but these types of bets are placed solely on an emotional connection one might have with a game, bet, lucky number and so on.

Intuition Bets in Casino Games

There are many casino games that actually rely on strategy, odds and skill but players will begin playing with only the basic information on how to play and win. They may not know poker hand rankings in order or which cards have better odds of being dealt in blackjack, but they will bet anyway based on a gut feeling that the next card dealt might be something or that their pair is going to be the only poker hand to rank.

Everyone has to start somewhere in order to progress but a basic knowledge will help calm the gut feelings and assist with making more valuable bets.

When playing a game such as poker where sizing up one’s opponent is involved because bluffing is part of the game, you should try not to stereotype another player or avatar on the screen as they may surprise you. Making bets based on what a player’s skill may be because of their appearance and so on is not valuable information.

Intuition and the Lottery

The lottery is another platform where intuition is used quite a lot. A good strategy may seem to be too complicated for some and so they tend to go for numbers that mean something to them. These can be important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Some lottery players will choose to buy tickets in bulk rather than making valuable choices and they may even pick the same numbers week after week waiting for them to be drawn. Again luck has visited some even when making number picks based on emotions, but there are alternative ways to pick lottery numbers. Dates are not always the best because they never include high numbers.

When You Can Use Intuition

Logically weighing the odds or probabilities is always the better option regardless of whether you are betting on sports, horse racing, poker, the lottery or anything else. Just because intuition is not considered to be the way to make the best bets, it does not mean it should be overlooked.

Some bettors may have enough knowledge within them and the smarts to use logical process that their gut reaction to a betting situation is actually based on facts of some sort and not just emotion.

A novice starting out could also begin with making these types of bets as they learn. They could perhaps pick the horses with the best names to start with and begin filtering through the different options as they go. It is one way to get to know which horses are better performers than others.

It probably would be best to make sure these bets are as small as possible so as not to lose too much on a gut feeling. As one progresses and learns betting systems along with the strengths of the different performers they can learn to judge which bets are valuable and which aren’t.

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