Why You Should Try 3 Reel Online Slots

Many online slot game fans overlook the three reel online slots in favour of the five reel video slot games, as they appeal to them more with their exciting themes and action packed game play. Both options are available at Gaming Club in abundance, and since not one is necessarily better than the other, they should all be played at some point.

With the way in which online slot games work the only mathematical difference between the two is that one has five reels and the other only three. This in no way hampers the worth of three reel slots, as they can be quite lucrative too.

There are however various other differences between three reel online slots and five reel online slots which really shouldn’t be ignored. They outline why three reel online slots should not be overlooked anymore.

Payout Misconceptions Abolished

It is a common assumption that five reel online slots pay out bigger jackpots than three reel ones but this is not true as progressive jackpots linked across the board are attached to many of both types of slots. It’s all a matter of playing the right three reel online slot, at the right time, just as it is with five reel online slots and their progressive jackpots. Payouts differ from slot to slot and not the type of slot.

Classic Game Play Explained

When it comes to pay lines, three reel online slots generally stick to the classic one pay line setup but there are those that offer even up to nine pay lines. Five reel online slots, on the other hand, have far more pay lines to play with. Some have fixed pay lines and some even have ways to win. In the end players may have a much bigger selection but they have more pay lines to then bet on.

Easy Online Game Play

Five reel online slots are inundated with various forms of bonus rounds while three reel online slots tend to be simple and without bonus rounds. For many, the bonus rounds may be distracting or even a little overwhelming which makes the simple and distraction free game play of three reel online slots far more appealing as they can sit back and focus on landing winning combinations, which is after all the main objective.

Straightforward Entertainment

It is no secret that the themes of five reel online slots are simply mind blowing. Everything a developer can think of is incorporated into a storyline or plot and given animations, sounds and video clips making the slot an exciting game to play.

Three reel online slots may have themes but they are generally not as immersive as their five reel counterparts. They will, regardless of the theme, always have the classic symbols on the reels such as bars, stars, sevens and the usual fruit symbols. Three reel online slots tend to emulate the classic slot machines but even though they do not provide an exciting atmosphere as five reel online slots do, they definitely do provide exciting pay outs.

Play Your Favourites

The choice between the two really relies on whether a player wants the immersive action of five reel online slots and possible bonus wins or large payouts for simply spinning the reels. The five reel online slots may be the better choice for players who play for free because they add some excitement to the game but when it comes to real money, the three reel online slots should not be overlooked. Gaming Club’s selection of online slot games includes both five reels and three reels so players really can try out both to see which is preferred.

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