Why Superhero Themed Casino Games Are So Popular

The new millennium seems to have marked the era of the superhero, with more movies coming out featuring Marvel and DC superheroes then ever before. Today, with the Avengers, Justice League, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and even Ant Man gracing our screens with their antics, we are spoilt for choice.

The original X-Men movie seems have started the beginning of the trend, and was quickly followed by a franchise establishing effort from virtual every caped crusader under the sun. The reason for this sudden increase was, besides the popularity of the heroes themselves, likely to do with cheaper and more efficient special effects, as well as a staggering leap in the average film budget. The movies were accompanied by a barrage of merchandise, and, with films and merchandise always comes video games, and inevitably licensed online slots games too.

Superhero Themed Slot Games

Nearly every superhero franchise has been immortalised on the reels of a slots game. The games are almost always high budget, boast exceptional graphics, and have the immense added benefit of celebrity faces, and not just in the superhero department, Iron Man 2 had none other than Robert Downey Junior gracing its reels.

Other superhero games, such as the well loved Thor, are barely even related to the movie at all, but find immense success given the publicity the movies create. The Thor game, still played regularly by thousands of players, is among the best to be linked to a movie superhero franchise, and well worth a look for any slot game players.

The Draw Of Superheroes

If you asked Stan Lee, the creator of many popular Marvel heroes, if he wanted his creations to be the central focus of slots games, you’d find he probably hadn’t given the idea much though.

Superheroes were originally created to inspire awe, give hope, and sometimes push propaganda during wartime, such as in the case of Superman. Literally none were invented for the purpose of selling casino games. Why then, with literally no link existing between Spiderman and a machine with spinning reels, is one used to sell the other? The answer, of course, is a simple one; superheroes have an enormous draw, with millions of fans across the world, and when one fan base can be mixed with another the result is usually incredibly pleasing for all involved.

Additionally, super hero themed games provide the perfect opportunity for brilliant effects, incredible animations and superb graphics, and as the character is already popular, there is an existing audience that’s sure to start playing s soon as a game is released. Several popular super hero slots also feature cut scenes from the movies or bonus rounds based on super hero’s characteristics. Super hero themed slots are almost guaranteed to be popular, so online casino software developers go all out, and it’s the player who reaps the rewards.

The Best Superhero Slot Games

The Thor slot game has already been mentioned as being outstanding, but there are many more that deserve a look, especially for those who are eager for another dose of their favourite masked champion. There are multiple Wonder Woman games, for example, some with higher production value then others, but all worth a look. The Hulk also has his own game, and the artwork in this particular title is certainly something to behold.

Don’t forget Blade, featuring more vampires then you can shake a stick at, as well as the ever-popular Dare Devil game, based more on the comics then the popular television series. It is the Wolverine game, however, that tops the charts in terms of popularity. The character himself, a short hairy man with a smoking habit and steel claws, is a bit of an anomaly in the superhero world, given that he is almost the exact opposite in terms of character to heroes such as Superman. His popularity, however, has all but swept the globe, and Wolverine draws a regular crowd.

Lesser-Known Heroes

In the comic world there are what is known as fringe heroes, or the heroes that are not exactly mainstream, but still have a passionate fan base. Amazingly some of these fringe heroes have even managed to get a slots game of their own, such as the rather controversial hero known as Kick Ass. He may have managed to get two films, but he is still not exactly on the same stage as Superman. The Kick Ass slot game is, however, rather good, and still certainly worth a look.

Lady Bug and Ghost Rider are also considered to be niche in terms of popularity, and all managed to get their own slots games, all of which can be played online. So, it seems, whatever you fancy in terms of superheroes, there is likely to be a slots game that you can enjoy along side your favourite fictional character.

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