What is Keno and How Do You Play it?

Keno is a widely played casino game and its straightforward simplicity and instant wins make it incredibly popular. In principal, Keno is very similar to a national lottery, but with far greater chances of winning.

The player selects a set of numbers, after which they hope that their numbers are called. It’s as easy as that. But how, you ask, can any one form of lottery be more or less generous then another? For starters, depending on the casino and its set of rules, a person may be allowed to select more numbers then a lottery would allow. Some Keno games allow a player to select up to twenty numbers. Plus, Keno will payout for even a single number being landed, whilst a lottery generally requires at least four numbers to match for a significant sum to be paid out.

Let’s start at the beginning and get an idea of what Keno is all about.

Basic Keno Rules

A Keno card will show numbers from one to eighty. These numbers will generally be arranged in eight rows of ten, with each number clearly displayed in an individual box. The card itself will cost a certain amount to be purchased, after which the player is free to select numbers as they choose, up to a specific limit.

The trick to Keno is how much you decide to bet on your numbers, which will, of course, determine how much can be won. If making a small bet, expect a small payout. Some Keno games also have bonus or special feature cards, which grant special prizes if a player bets and wins on a certain number.

If you are confused about a casino’s bonus features, be sure to ask for clarification before making any bets. Once your card has been handed in and your bets recorded, sit back, cross your fingers, and hope to see your selected numbers get called. You may win a smaller payout from just a single one of your numbers being called, or an enormous amount if every one of your numbers is called. It all just depends on how lucky you are!

Keno Strategies

So is there any significance to which numbers you select when playing Keno? The obvious answer to this question is no. You may select any number, and the odds of it being called are exactly the same as any other number. It makes no difference. But that doesn’t mean that Keno is completely without strategy.

Depending on the game, you may be allowed to make combination bets, or specific bets. This means you may bet a specific amount on a certain set of numbers, assuming you feel lucky about them. You may, for example, bet on numbers one to ten, and bet a higher amount on these particular numbers. You may then also bet on numbers eleven to twenty, and bet a specific amount on these numbers.

In doing so a player may minimise losses, while maximising potential wins. It may be noted that similar strategies are used in Roulette betting. This system, when used properly, can allow a player to at least win back their initial betting amount, if not making any profit. This does not make the game risk free, but certainly helps balance out risk and reward.

Keno Combination Betting

In a specific example, let’s say you make a larger bet on numbers one to ten. This bet may cost you, or example, twenty dollars, with two dollars placed on each number. You may then place a bet of fifty cents on numbers eleven to twenty, which is another five dollars. If any of the smaller bets on eleven to twenty are landed, the payout should at least be enough to cover the bets placed on all these numbers, or at least cover part of these bets.

In this fashion even if numbers one to ten are not landed, you’re not walking away empty handed. This system can be utilised wisely to keep you in green, even if you hit a serious losing streak. Of course, when the time comes that you win multiple times on your higher bet numbers, plus a few times on your lower bet numbers, in a single round, the wins can be considerable.

Carefully work out a system that works for you and your wallet, taking into consideration the risk reward of each bet placed, and stick to it. If you are not the kind of player to put that much time and effort into your bet making, simply look online for a known system that has already been worked out.

The important thing to take away from this is that a game like Keno benefits from having a system, so you should certainly use one if you intend on being a smart, more successful player.

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