What Else Can Go In a Washing Machine Other Than Clothes?

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Many men or women don’t appreciate just what a versatile gadget their washing machine is. All too often, we just put our linen and clothes in them. In fact, you can get a lot more value for money out of your washing machine if you choose to use it to clean more things than just the run-of-the-mill laundry. Once you have discovered just how multi-functional your washing machine can be, you’ll realise just how much spare time you have for leisure pursuits. Why not kick back and take your chances at an online casino, watch a movie or get on with another household chore you’ve been putting off? After all, your washing machine is capable of so much more than you might think.

Yoga and Exercise Mats

Let’s face it – they get sweaty and sometimes dusty depending on where you work out or take part in a yoga session. Read the care instructions on yours before proceeding, but you can machine wash them in many cases so long as you use a medium temperature. No detergent should be added, however.

Sports Supports

There are plenty of sports supports that have Velcro fixings to attach them. These can get muddy if you wear them for touch rugby or when you’re out for a run. Velcro traps dirt. However, you can machine wash supports so long as you close the Velcro up so that they don’t become entangled. Use a normal cycle but add around half the amount of detergent that you usually would.

Sneakers And Canvas Shoes

They may sound like they’re harming your washing machine when they bash around inside your drum but they won’t. Use a slow cycle without a fast spin at the end so be prepared to wait for them to dry out. That said, sneakers can look as good as new once they have been machine washed in warm water.

Small Plastic Toys

Some tiny plastic pieces will jam up your washing machine if they go in. The best thing to do is to put them inside a bag or a pillow case that you can zip up securely so that they cannot fall out. Lego bricks and toy soldiers can look completely revived if they are laundered in a washing machine, a great tip if you have bought them second-hand.

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Stuffed Animals

The best thing to do with cuddly toys is to place them inside a mesh bag so that they are protected with all the other items that are going to be laundered. Make sure the label allows for machine washing – most stuffed animals will – and use baking soda rather than washing powder if your child is sensitive to detergent.

Bath Mats and Small Rugs

You might not think that bath mats and rugs will come up well with anything other than a hand wash but they do. Simply launder them together without other, more delicate, items for best results. You could put them in with your mop heads, for example, if you want to.

Backpacks and Gym Bags

In the old days, backpacks and gym bags used to be made of heavy materials which would not machine wash well. In some cases, the waterproofing treatment they had been given would not survive a spell in a washing machine. Today’s man-made fabrics mean that these items are machine washable with no problem at all.

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