What Does Your Blood Type Reveal?

What your blood type revealsSource: Smithsonian Magazine

Did you know that in the 1930’s the Japanese military studied blood types? Why, you’re wondering? Because they believed that specific blood types were linked to specific personality traits. They believed that, via a process of merging desirable personality traits, they could create ideal soldiers. It isn’t clear if these studies and practices were actually put into action, and blood type created soldiers sent onto the battlefields, but the study has remained a topic of much interest in many Asian countries.

Though, there is no strong scientific link between blood types and personality, there is a great deal of research that can be read through. It should probably be taken with a pinch of salt, but the results are, never the less very interesting. Take a look at what blood types are said to reveal in terms of personality traits and see how they stack up for you!

Type A – The Farmers

In the Japanese studies, type A blood is said to belong to those who would make perfect farmers. This is because the blood type is associated with those who are calm, loyal, peace loving and organised. So, not great for creating those ideal soldiers we already mentioned.

On the other hand, those with type A blood type are also said to be stubborn, obsessive, and pessimistic. What a curious combination of character traits. Apparently even those who are peace loving and calm can likewise have a glass half empty kind of outlook on life.

As an added little bonus, here are a few people who have type A blood. You might notice a few flaws in the blood study personality traits as Jet Li, George Bush, Adolf Hitler and Britney Spears are all A’s!

Type B – Hunters

Referred to as the hunters, type B blood owners are apparently strong, creative, expressive and cheerful. The studies reported that the individuals were extremely determined when focusing on a goal, perhaps even to beyond the point of reason if a goal is completely beyond reach. Though, the hunters are also not great at taking orders. So, once again, not prime soldier material.

On the negative side, being moody, erratic, and impatient are also hunter characteristics. So if your soldiers are going to have this blood type, it’s probably best to put them through temper management courses in advance. Famous personalities with type B blood include Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney and Jack Nicholson.

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Type AB – Humanists

Blood type AB is fairly rare, and its owners are, according to the studies, intelligent, rational, and highly analytical. Interestingly enough, however, the studies claimed that those with AB blood type might show a combination of characteristics seen in both A and B type blood. Which means, of course, that the humanists can be extremely unpredictable. Are any blood types good soldier material?

Negative humanist traits include, besides those inherited from A and B, being forgetful, critical and indecisive. Though serious analysis would probably have to be done just to try and pick up what pot pourri of traits were adopted. Famous faces with this blood type include Marilyn Monroe, Barack Obama and Jackie Chan.

Type O – The Warrior

Apparently those with type O blood are honest to a fault, and even tend to dislike those who dare hide the truth from others. They are born leaders, possessing powerful personalities and would do well at the front of a battle. At least, according to the Japanese studies. So do we have our born soldiers?

Only if being vain, arrogant and unpredictable are also desirable traits in a solider. We all know, after all, how a born leader should also have the known characteristic of being vain and arrogant. A real treat for those he or she is leading into battle. Some famous faces with this type include Al Capone, Elvis Presley, Paul Newman and John Lennon.

So, it seems, no blood types are really perfect for the battlefield, which is perhaps why there was a drive to try and breed soldiers that had only the positive characteristics of each blood type. As this study was conducted in the 1930’s it could of course be said to be out of date, but as yet, not further studies have been conducted so we can only draw conclusions from what’s already been assessed.

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