What Are The Oddest Gadgets Unveiled At CES 2019?

CES logo Source: wccftech.com

Staged in January, CES 2019 – the world’s leading new consumer technology exhibition – threw up a number of innovations. Not all of them made headlines because they were so forward thinking, however. Some got a good deal of attention because they were, well, a little weird, such as the Korean firm, Pepe, which showcased its pet drying device. What were the other peculiar ones that attracted the most attention?

Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Kohler's Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet Source: CNBC.com

Available in two colours, this smart toilet will be commercially available later in 2019. It features ambient lighting, Bluetooth connectivity and a sound system. What’s more, users can experience a heated seat and use voice commands to control its various functions. In fact, the intelligent toilet’s Amazon Alexa voice controls even mean you can order more loo roll while you are engaged in other activities, such as watching the latest Netflix release or playing your favourite online casino game. Will this super toilet make a big splash? Only time will tell.

Omron’s Forpheus Ping-Pong Robot

Omron's Forpheus Ping-Pong Robot Source: Engadget

If you love table tennis but find it hard to get someone to play with you, then this is the gadget announced at CES 2019 for you. The robotic player holds a conventional bat and gets your rally going. Even better, you can use the ping-pong playing robot as a training tool and adjust it to meet your standards. It will even work out weaknesses in your game and come up with ways to help you improve – just like a real life coach.

PurrSong’s LavvieBot Smart Litter Box

PurrSong's LavvieBot Smart Litter Box Source: TechTheLead

The purr-fect solution for who keeps cats at home but does not like the smell from the litter tray. The box gets rid of the nastier side of keeping pets. The self-cleaning system removes the cats’ waste matter and seals it off so that you don’t have to see it or smell it. A hopper is adding new litter automatically. After a couple of weeks, you only need to empty the LavvieBot.

Foldimate’s Laundry Folding System

Foldimate's Laundry Folding System Source: Mashable

Another example of machines that are now able to perform tasks which require a great deal of flexibility and dexterity, Foldimate can cope with folding a wide range of clothes. Dresses, skirts, shirts and sweaters are all neatly folded by the system. All you need to do is to put them away in your wardrobe. If only there was a bot for that chore, too!

LG’s Signature Series OLED TV R

LG's Signature Series OLED TV R Source: LG

The 65R9, to give the correct name of LG’s latest television technology, was also unveiled at CES 2019. What is so unusual about a TV set being launched at a tech show you may ask? Well, in the case of this particular one, it is what it looks like when it is not in use that makes it so novel. The TV screen rolls up on itself, a bit like an old-fashioned projector screen, so it tucks away neatly. When you turn the set one, the TV unfurls, supporting itself, while providing a superb quality of image. It is aimed at places where you don’t want a screen all the time, such as in bedrooms and in front of windows, for example.

Groove X’s Lovot Robot

Groove X's Lovot Robot Source: Shack News

Robots designed for the home are nothing new, but Groove X’s new design is there for one thing and one thing only – to make its human master happy. Somewhere between a pet and a robot, the cartoon-like design of the Lovot certainly caught the eye of many people who attended CES 2019. The idea is that you can interact with it like a pet, for example, by stroking and cuddling it. The robot is packed with high-quality tech to ensure that its cute behaviour remains up-to-scratch whenever you play with it.

Mui’s Smart Display

Mui's Smart Display Source: Tech Radar

This smart device looks like it is a short plank of wood when you first see it. This simple design belies the amount of high-tech features it offers, however. The smart display system is touch sensitive and can be used to show information on all sorts of subjects. You can tap on it to get the latest weather forecasts, for instance. Alternatively, it can be used as a thermostat for an office’s heating system. There again, the display might be utilised to dim the lights. Highly configurable with a distinctive look, it also responds to voice commands.

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