Virtual Realty Gambling To Grow Exponentially

If you haven’t heard of virtual reality, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Virtual reality is here, and no, we’re not talking about some science fiction fantasy story. The Oculus Rift launched some time ago already, but has exploded in popularity, with millions of users already able to boast that they are the pioneers of future technology. The HTC Vive followed soon afterwards, and although a great deal more expensive, offered a superior VR experience in a number of ways.

Many games already make use of the amazing potential of VR, including first person shooters, space flight simulators, and a variety of climbing games. But one genre of game is set to take centre stage where virtual reality is concerned, namely online casino games. It turns out that casino games fit virtual reality like a glove, and predictions already say that VR powered casino games will increase by a staggering 800% by the 2021. That’s a pretty amazing statistic, and certainly one that can’t be ignored. Let’s have a closer look at why virtual reality and casino games go together like a hand and a glove.

VR In A Nutshell

For those unaware, virtual reality comes in the form of a pair of goggles. Not just any goggles, of course, highly advanced goggles that house a pair of screens, an array of sensors, and a whole lot of processing power. When fitted, the goggles will display a virtual world to your eyes, complete with extremely convincing depth, and no small amount of detail.  When you turn your head the goggles sense, and adjust their mage in the goggles with incredible precision. The resulting effect is that you are standing in a virtual world. The technology is not yet perfect, and some report headaches and nausea, but trust us when we say that once you have experienced virtual reality, normal games really don’t feel especially good anymore.

The downside of VR currently is that it is rather expensive. In order for your home computer to be capable of VR, it needs to be a powerhouse. And this in itself is a pretty expensive endeavour. The headset itself, especially the HTC Vive that comes with a camera and two handheld joysticks, which track the movement of you hands, costs a small fortune. Few can afford VR at the moment, but the prices are sure to come down as the technology is more widely adopted. In the meantime VR is for those who have a good amount of expendable income.

VR And Casino Games

VR is a pretty amazing technology, but it has its restrictions. Most notable is that since VR puts you in the illusion of a world, but doesn’t literally transport you there, it is somewhat restricted by the fact that the user can’t leave the spot they are currently standing on. The headset is more than capable of changing the location, but this poses some pretty major problems. Namely, how can you believe the world you are in is real, if you can’t actually walk around in it? Walking around would result in you smashing nose first into the walls of your apartment.

Current early games get around this by building the game around a single spot, which hides the fact that the player can’t actually move. The games are fairly simple, but g a long way in making the most of a small space. There is one game in the industry, however, that fits the restrictions like a glove. The casino game world. No casino games require you to move around, and this means that the casino world is tailor made for virtual reality, by its very nature.

VR Casino Games To Pave The Way

Since there is already a great deal of money in online casino games, and given how they fit the technology so well, it is not difficult to see why predictions say casino games will pave the way for virtual reality. The first VR games are already coming out, and in a few years the majority of casino games will have fully functioning virtual reality versions. In fact, the prediction is that more users will be playing casino games via virtual reality in 2021 than any other game. This statistic taking into account all types of casino games in all their VR forms.

This wave of new casino game technology is upon us now, and it will surely be an interesting ride to see how VR changes in accordance with online casinos. It won’t be long until you may play online poker with people from around the world, all at a virtual table, and all able to talk to one another, in VR. It’s an astonishing thought, and amazing that we live in such a time where this seemingly science fiction technology already exists. We’ll be seeing you at the virtual reality poker tables.

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