Vegas Gets Competition

Las Vegas is arguably the most popular casino hub in the world. It boasts dozens of large-scale casinos, state-of-the-art hotels, and a world of fun and entertainment on a variety of levels to all those who visit.

While Macau may be seen as an entertainment hub equal in scale to the city of Vegas, there is another hub in the pipeline that could match the expanse of the casino world in Las Vegas, namely, the planned entertainment project, currently dubbed Vision 2030, to be built in the Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh. While talk of this is still new, the new project is set to open in 2030. 

The Initial Idea

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman commissioned the initial idea of Vision 2030 in 2016. It was initially suggested as an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to engage in another revenue stream and ensure that the economy becomes less reliant on fossil fuels and oil.

The Planning 

The Saudi Arabian entertainment complex is set to reach its first stage of completion in 2022, with work on the project beginning in 2018. Vision 2030 is planned to cover an area one-fifth the size of the city of Riyadh itself and averaging the same size of Las Vegas.

The Vision 2030 hub is planned to include entertainment and sporting arenas, as well as a Six Flags adventure theme park and its very own safari park, making this an epic-scale all-encompassing entertainment complex project.

The Entertainment Offerings

Given that the city of Riyadh has a population of six million people and the whole of Saudi Arabia a population of 33 million, Vision 2030 could survive on its own without needing to attract foreign visitors. It would, however, need to cater to a more Saudi Arabian feel.

This means that it could not necessarily focus on traditional forms of casino games, clubs, and cinemas, and, instead, need to find a focus that is more traditionally acceptable. One opportunity here could be an emphasis on sport, with top contenders including football, scuba diving, sailing, basketball, horse racing, and even camel racing.

What the Future Holds

The first stage of the project is still a few years away, but Vision 2030 promises much excitement for Saudi Arabian locals as well as foreign tourists. Regardless of what form the entertainment complex eventually takes, it promises to be a revolutionary feat.

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