Unbelievable Casino Facts

There are many myths and stories about casinos, and you’d be surprised at how many of them are true! Learning about some of the best legends can help you to feel part of this world, so we’ve brought some of the most memorable anecdotes together here.

The Devil’s Wheel 

The numbers on a Roulette wheel add up to 666, which is traditionally the number associated with the Devil. Gamblers are a suspicious lot so this has led to many of the blaming the Beast for any bad luck they have when spinning the Little Wheel.

America’s 1st Interracial Casino 

America has a long history of segregation, and that is as true in Nevada as it is anywhere else. When Sammy Davis Jr. broke the rules and swam in one of the hotel’s swimming pools, the water was drained. At another, Lorna Dorne was allowed to spend the night after performing but her bedding was burned the next day.

Moulin Rouge opened on 24 May 1955 as the first interracial casino in Sin City. Dancers from the casino were featured on the cover of Life within less than a month, and it was a very historic occasion all around. Things ended less auspiciously when the Rouge’s white owners shut it down for unknown reasons after just 4 and a half months, but all in all the casino’s run was as prosperous and peaceful as could be hoped for at the time.

Atomic Bomb Parties 

In 1951 the United States Department of Energy started testing nukes 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas Over a thousand were detonated, darkening the sky and creating mushroom clouds that were actually visible from the casinos.

The intrepid proprietors of Las Vegas did all they could to turn this horror into a business opportunity, with Atomic Bomb Parties, Atomic Cocktails and a Miss Atomic Energy Pageant. Detonation times were actually promoted!

Monte Carlo not for Monegasques 

In the 1800s Princess Caroline made it illegal for citizens of Monaco to gamble in the principality, so if you are a citizen of Monaco you can’t actually gamble anywhere in Monaco, including the famous Monte Carlo Casino. The revenue is used to replace income taxes, but a Monegasque can’t actually win anything. 

1st Casino License in Las Vegas

A woman, and not a man, was the first legal casino proprietor on the Strip. It was given to Mayme Stocker in 1920 for the Northern Club, and she offered the only 5 games that were legal at the time: Stud Poker, Draw Poker, Lowball Poker, Bridge and 500.

To begin with, the respectable wife and mother’s husband Harold wanted nothing to do with this enterprising endeavour and in a declaration of independence she opened it under her own name.

Gambling Gone Out of Control 

We encourage you to enjoy our casino games as much as possible, and there is nothing to beat the experience of a land-based establishment. It is vital, however, to play responsibly and to know when to stop. You need to be in control of your gambling, rather than the other way around.

Unbelievably, some people are so enslaved by their addiction that they wear adult diapers or simply urinate on themselves rather than give up their spot on the floor. In 2007, a man in Indiana sat down on a chair at a Slot machine and found it was soaked in urine, and in 2015 a man in New Jersey was reported to have relieved himself into a Slot machine coin slot.

Gambling Saved FedEx 

FedEx founder Frederick Smith went to Vegas in 1973 and risked the last $5,000 that the company had at the casinos. While this is not the kind of advice any business expert might give you, Smith made enough to keep the company going and it earned its first profits in 1976.

Gambling for Prisoners 

Gambling is such a way of life in Nevada that there was a time when the State Prison even featured a casino. From 1932 to 1967 inmates could enjoy Blackjack, Craps and Poker, and could bet on sports. A new warden from California shut this down, ironically labelling it as degrading to the inmates.

World’s Smallest Casino 

In a promotional venture, London’s Grosvenor Casino offers a full expereince in the back of one of the city’s iconic black cabs. You’re taken anywhere as long as you make a charitable donation, or to the casino proper free of charge.

On your journey you can watch a television showing sports to help you with your bets, play with a dealer at a gaming table and even enjoy drinks from the bar. It gives the words Mobile Gambling a whole new meaning! Its novelty factor makes it an enjoyable way to donate and to win money.

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