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Treasure Heroes Online SlotSource: Microgaming

Fantasy epics have made a big come-back in the entertainment world in recent years. The Witcher is one of the biggest success stories on Netflix lately. Nobody would deny that Game of Thrones was one of the biggest television series on the planet, whatever you think of the ending. And then there’s the Lord of the Rings franchise, which all started off when the hobbit Bilbo Baggins helped himself to a little piece of treasure that didn’t belong to him. Of course, this all-time blockbuster was filmed in New Zealand. It’s appropriate, then, that one of the best online pokies you’ll play this year at Gaming Club, New Zealand’s favourite online casino, is a fantasy treasure hunt. That’s right – Treasure Heroes, the latest ingenious release from Microgaming, echoes all the magic and mystery of the best epic fantasy films with its new spin on the age-old theme of going underground to plunder the treasure chests of long-dead kings. Heroically, of course.

Enter The Labyrinth

The basic set-up of the Treasure Heroes online pokies game mirrors the storyline.  A lithe female magician and a big, strong male warrior have teamed up to do what nobody else has done before – raid the vaults of a forgotten kingdom guarded by evil spirits. They’re not afraid, and nor should you be! Just because the ancient kings designed a labyrinth specifically to drive any tomb raiders or treasure hunters insane … As for the stories of undead skeletons left over from the dark forces that destroyed the kingdom just after the treasure was buried, those are surely just rumours, right? Well, not really…

Moving on – the load screen of Treasure Heroes opens up somewhere in the maze that the kings of Kingdom Unknown had built to hide their treasure, which has survived a lot longer than the kings themselves. Torches, portals, swords and skulls provide a frame for 5 reels arranged in 5 rows. The fields of the reels look like great big blocks of stone with symbols carved on – a nice touch. It’s a cluster pays set-up, where six or more symbols that are vertically or horizontally adjacent will earn you your wins. The Magic Wand, Shield, Lamp, and Warrior symbols are on the lower-paying end, with a cluster of 25 paying 250x your bet. On the premium side, the Magician and Treasure Chest symbols will pay 1000x your stake for a cluster of 25. The Wild Symbol is a mystical blue rune and there are two Free Spin Scatter Symbols – the two bits of a broken old key that, when you reunite them, ignite some fantastic fun and games. Volatility is medium and the RTP is a decent 96.12% – you definitely won’t break the bank!

Treasure Heroes Online SlotSource: Microgaming

The Moving Wall Feature

One of the classic tomb-raiding movies, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, has a scene where Indiana Jones and his glamorous sidekick have to deal with a situation when the walls start closing in. The Moving Wall feature in Treasure Heroes recalls this classic device, except it’s to your benefit rather than your doom. Anytime you hit a winning combination in the basic game, the stone blocks on the reels start sliding around, creating more ways to win big clusters.  The symbols you already won with stay on the reels, but the reels move about in two phases: first, reel 1 and reel 5 go two fields up or down, reel 3 moves the other way, and symbols fill the empty fields at random. Then the rows slide about – row 1 and row 5 move 2 fields to the left or right, row 2 slides the other way, and the empty fields fill up randomly with symbols again. This keeps going for as long as you continue to land those winning clusters.

Entering The Treasure Chamber

To trigger the Treasure Chamber Free Spins Feature, you have land the 2 Free Spins Scatter Symbols. This opens the door for the magician and the warrior (there’s a nifty cut scene where they stare down a crowned skeleton behind a treasure chest) who proceed to plunder the chamber for all they’re worth for 10 Free Spins precisely. Joining in the fun, a grinning skeleton heaves a lever to spin the reels – he really puts his back into it! The way the characters faces change according to whether you win High, Big or Mega is a treat. The magician’s eyes just get wider and wider, while the warrior gets more and more exuberant until he throws his head back with a triumphant roar – it really adds to the fun of winning! To be honest, it’s really these details, plus an epic soundtrack that would do a big-screen movie proud, that make Treasure Heroes such a gem. Seek it out at Gaming Club, along with tons of other online games like poker, online roulette and online pokies for hours of entertainment.

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