Win The Game Of Transferring Phones

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It’s exciting to get a new phone and take advantage of all the cutting-edge technology and slick features that are coming out on modern smartphones. But, the hassle of moving over all your data may keep you from wanting to make the switch. The biggest hurdle is when you’re changing between platforms—like Android to Apple or vice versa—but fortunately there are some tricks for doing this. Whatever smartphone you choose, you’ll want to make sure you get it up and running smoothly so you can get back to playing iPhone or Android mobile casino games and Gaming Club without missing a beat. Read on for some tips on when to switch and how.

Why switch to android?

Even if you’re not the kind of person who always wants the latest in mobile technology, there are definite advantages to upgrading your smartphone. First of all, it’s probably one of the things you spend the most time using every day, so it’s worth having one that’s a good fit for you. Plus, the frustrations you have with your older phone might have been fixed in a newer version—many new smartphones are waterproof, have large high-quality screens, and have a longer battery life. (Although, if your battery life is the only thing bugging you, see our article on how to replace phone batteries and get some extra life out of your device.)

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If you are looking for a new smartphone, you’ll have plenty of models to choose from. A 2018 survey conducted by Cint on smartphone use in New Zealand found that 39.65% of respondents were using a Samsung smartphone, followed up by Apple at 28.34%. There is also an ever-growing number of other brands that each have their own pros, but Samsung and Apple devices have remained popular over the years and continue to regularly produce new phones with expanded features.

While both Android phones (like Samsung) and iOS phones (Apple) have cutting-edge technology, they do have some big differences that will become obvious if you decide to switch from one iOS to the other. There’s the clear difference between the interface, but there are also differences in how information is stored and accessed, which makes changing brands a bit harder.

How to transfer between iPhone and Android without losing your stuff

It’s frustrating to get a new phone only to realize that you don’t know how to move all your data and media over to the new device. It could take days and result in data loss if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are some tools that make it fairly painless, so it’s worth taking the time to get all your data transferred up front.

The first thing you’ll want to move is your basic data. If you’re switching from Android to iPhone, check the Google Play store for the Move to iOS app. This app will help move core data like contacts, messages, photos, emails, and calendars. If you’re moving from iPhone to Android, you’ll have more options since there are so many different types of Android phones. One of the easiest ways is to use a service like Google to back up your contacts, photos, emails, and calendar. Then, just sign into the service on your new device and you’re good to go. Check out this article at Android Authority for more information on moving your contacts to Android.

Music and Apps

Moving music and apps can be a bit trickier. Most popular apps are available on both platforms, but you might find yourself having to re-download or re-purchase some apps. The same goes for music. While you can transfer files off your Android phone to your computer and sync to iPhone, you’ll have a much harder time getting files out of Apple Music. This is where a multi-OS streaming platform, like Spotify, is great because it makes your music available from any device.

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Don’t let the stress of transferring data keep you from getting a new phone. While it might take some time and a little research to get all your data onto your new device, that beats having to deal with some of the issues that made you want to switch in the first place. Newer devices promise to be faster, sleeker, and more powerful, which means that you can enjoy mobile gaming—and anything else you need to do on your new phone—with style and ease.

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