Top Social Online Casino Games

If you’re sitting playing online casino games, you’ll likely be having a great deal of fun. There are many online casino games that are designed with social interaction in mind. After all, casino games can be very social activities, and are often a blast for groups of people to play. Let’s take a look at some of the more social online casino games.


Bingo is one of the most notoriously social casino games in the world. In fact, many attend real world poker halls for the explicit reason of getting together with friends, and having a few laughs. Since the game does not require much focus, players can busy themselves making small talk with others, or even dropping the latest gossip or a few juicy jokes.

Online bingo halls are not much different, and most have an online chat function. The chat function allows players to communicate with one another, which creates an environment very similar to a real world bingo hall. Some online bingo halls even have voice chat enabled, so that players may speak, as opposed to having to type. Either way, bingo is certainly an online casino game for those who enjoy a bit of company while they make an effort to win a bit of extra cash.

Multiplayer Poker

Poker, by its nature, requires players to go up against one another. Online poker games are notoriously great places to strike up conversations, get to know the other players, and even make a few friends. In fact, some online casinos even allow you to buy virtual drinks for the other players, encouraging social interaction.

It should be kept in mind, however, that in the online poker tournaments for players are on a mission to be declared a winner, there might be a bit less small talk and joking around. The lower stakes tables are generally where the socialising happens, so a player looking to chat might want to stick to those.

Online Craps

Craps is a game designed to be social, allowing many players to bet on the dice rolls of a single player. Since there is nothing that observing players can do to effect the roll of the dice, there is no problem with everyone communicating freely at all times. The dice thrower, or shooter, might feel a bit of pressure to make good rolls, but players are generally forgiving in something as unpredictable as the game of craps.

There are single player and multiplayer rooms of craps, so simply look for a multiplayer room if you want to shoot the breeze with a few other players. Don’t forget that online multiplayer craps works on a rotating system, so every player will have a chance to throw the dice sooner or later.


Baccarat is another popular casino game that allows players to bet on the game of another player. Once again, there is nothing that onlookers, or the person playing, can do in order to change the outcome of a hand, except in the case of baccarat it is a hand of cards as opposed to dice. Baccarat does have a much more simplified betting system than craps, however, which leaves players open to focus on chatting, as opposed to betting.

Baccarat has a reputation for being a game preferred by high rollers, but this is simply a myth, and there are always low stakes betting options in online baccarat games. If you do feel like being a high roller, however, you will certainly also find that option available.


Roulette is a well-loved social game, and for very good reason. It offers lightening fast rounds; pulse pounding action, and the opportunity to engage any of the other players. In roulette each player is responsible for his or her own bets, and there is no reason at all to competitive with any of the other players. A perfect situation to hang out, make a few bets, and strike up a few chats.

It is important to keep in mind, though, where roulette is concerned, that the wheel will go ahead and spin even if you haven’t placed your bet in time. In single player online roulette the wheel will only spin when the player is ready. In multiplayer rooms, however, there is a set betting time. Be sure to get your bet down when “place your bets is announced, or you will miss out on that betting round.

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