Top Retro Gadgets Making a Comeback

Ever get all misty-eyed when you remember what life was like in the 80s and 90s? Well, you can indulge your nostalgia all you like, because some of the best retro gadgets ever are making a comeback.

Tech such as the Nokia 3310, Kodak analogue film cameras, and the NES were among the must-haves of their decades. They were some of the most powerful symbols of a technological revolution that changed the world as we knew it, and are still regarded with a sort of reverence by those who were around to enjoy them.

Thanks to their re-releases, many more can experience what they had to offer, and so much more – if they can cough up the money. Rather than being mere re-issues of now-out-dated gadgetry, they have been updated to reflect where we are today, prices included. If you can’t afford any of it, you can always treat yourself to a few spins of a retro-style 3-reel online slot. Who knows? You may even win enough to afford one of the hot new gadgets that are making their presence felt once again!

A Piece of Mobile Magic

Nokia’s 3310 reinvented and re-releasedSource:

Launched in 2000 as one of the first Nokia mobile phones without an external aerial, the style and functionality of the 3310 made it an all-time best seller. Everyone simply had to have one.

17 years later, it had a re-vamp and a re-launch. It now boasts a custom-designed interface, a 2.4” curved, polarized screen, a long-lasting battery, a 2MP camera with LED flash, a headphone jack, and an updated version of the beloved game, Snake.

As Seen On TV

Kodak super 8Source: The Verge

Kodak by-passed not only the 80s and 90s, but the 70s too, when it opted to re-launch its iconic Super 8 film camera, first released in 1965. The imaging technology giant stated the move was part of an analogue renaissance; something that had, in fact, been spurred on almost a decade ago by the popularity of Lomography film cameras.

The new version of the Super 8 features a 4” swivel LCD viewfinder, C-mount lens support, speed control, digital connectivity, versatile handling, and easy film loading. Films can be processed by mailing them to Kodak. Once developed and scanned, the files will be sent digitally to users’ Darkroom accounts.

Classic Gaming Consoles

NES makes a comebackSource: Retromagia

Launched first in Japan in 1983 and then in the US in 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES became one of the most sought-after gaming consoles. 7 million had been sold by 1987, and by 1990, it had made its way into 30 per cent of American households. That year also saw the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, which went on to sell 49.10 million units around the world, until its 2003 retirement.

Realising there is no beating a classic; the company whose name became synonymous with video gaming re-released its classic consoles in 2016. Retaining the distinctive look of the originals, they are now a much handier size, and come with games pre-loaded. The NES boasts 30 titles such as Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Jr, while the SNES features 21 games.

Typewriter-Style Keyboards

Typewriter-Style KeyboardsSource: Por Homme

One of the more unusual pieces of vintage tech to inspire a comeback was the mechanical, typewriter-style keyboard. Thankfully, the designers of Lofree’s Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard seem to remember just how uncomfortable those clunky old keyboard were, and made sure to design a product that is not only ergonomically-sound, but compatible with Mac as well.

Critics might be tempted to say these companies are re-inventing the wheel. Even if they are, they are making sure to pimp their resultant rides to offer their customers more than before.

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