Top Games for a Trip to Mars

It has been decades since man landed the moon, and humanity is looking towards Mars as the next astronomical body to visit. With current limitations in space travel and the almost unfathomable distance to the red planet, travel times of up to 9 months are a viable possibility.

One way that the first travellers to Mars can keep their minds occupied and alert can be through casino games.

These games have existed, nearly unchanged for hundreds of years, because they offer excellent ways to keep sane and mentally focussed. The question, however, is can these games even be played on an outer space journey?

Fruit Machines and Slot Games

Slot games are the first choice for me in space gaming. Either you can go for an old-fashioned mechanical slot machine or a digital app version stored on a mobile device.

The lack of gravity will not be an issue. The old and heavy mechanical slot machine may cause a carry-on weight issue, however.

Classic Card Games

Classic card games are a cornerstone of any relaxing evening, so why not a few hands of poker or blackjack you ask?

Well, there is no gravity up in interplanetary space so all card games would soon turn into shambles.

If you can invent cards with magnetic strips on the backs, you may be able to get a few hands of baccarat going.

Playing Space Roulette

Roulette is the first near-impossible case we encounter in space casinos. Magnetic strips may help to keep your chips in place but the zero gravity means that even if you can keep the ball rolling on the wheel, its inertia means it may as well never come to a stop.

A definite space fail.

Craps and Pachinko

These games fare the worst in my opinion. Pachinko will be completely unplayable as the ball will never reach the bottom and let’s not even get started on what the dice will do in craps.

Inertia is really letting us down with these games in our zero-G casino.

The Solution

The best way, of course, to deal with these games is by just using the downloadable casino app on a mobile device. You will, of course be limited to offline play thanks to being unable to connect to orbital satellites for a network.

But hey, fortunately on earth we still get access to our favourite online casino games without having to worry about gravity!

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