Top 5 Wildest Wins in History

Big Casino Wins!

Surely this is the biggest dream of any serious or casual casino player. Whether playing online at virtual casinos or playing in the bright lights and glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, even the most humble of players is looking to hit it big.

But what qualifies as a life-changing win? For some people, one hundred thousand dollars is life-changing money. For others, no less than ten million would provide them with the kind of capital they need to live their dreams to the fullest.

Regardless, the long and storied history of casinos has seen its fair share of big wins, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five wildest wins in the history of the gambling. Are you ready to see what it takes to become a big winner? It might not be what you think. Let’s have a look!

1.The Man with the Suitcases

The year is 1980. Just as one of the most nostalgic decades is putting down roots, a man with two suitcases made his way into Binion’s Horseshoe casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. No one can be sure exactly what was on William Lee Bergstrom’s mind as he made his way to the craps tables with 777,000 dollars, but this man was on a mission. He was either going to double his money or lose it all in one of the highest stakes plays to ever be made. You see, one of William’s suit cases was filled with over a three quarters of a million dollars, and the other was completely empty. As he put his entire bet down on the “Don’t Pass” line at the casino’s craps table, he knew his fortune was about to turn one way or the other. Lucky for him, he managed to double his money with a single roll of the dice. The legend goes that old William smiled, graciously took his winnings and drove off into the desert night.

2.The Most Important Meal of the Day

One might think that breakfast is quite easily skipped in favour of a quick cup of coffee. Not so for Johanna Huendle. This Voina, California resident ordered a side of Megabucks slot machine with her bacon to the tune of $170 dollars. It was a good thing she did. She hit the jackpot and took home a cool $22.6 million.

3.Black Jack Millions

What do you get when you combine a thrifty card player, a recession and massive casino discounts and incentives? You get about fifteen point one million dollars. That was the total amount that Don Johan managed in 2011 at Atlantic City. And before you get your undies in a bundle, there was no card counting. He just played the game smart and leveraged all the bonuses he could.

4.One Penny at a Time

You might think that those penny slots are a gimmick or a waste of time. Think again! One lucky patron pulled a staggering four point five two six million dollars by playing a one cent Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machine at the all-famous Caesars Palace in Vegas. Talk about minimum investment!

5.Twice as Nice

Elmer Sherwin might be the luckiest man to have ever lived. Not only did he win a $4.6 million Megabucks jackpot at the Mirage in 1989, but in 2005 he managed to hit it big for a second time with a $21 million jackpot at another Megabucks machine?

Will you be the next big casino winner? You’ll never know if you don’t play, so cross those fingers!

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