Top 10 Foods For Healthier Skin

Recipes to keep your skin looking goodSource: Pixabay

Your skin, like many other parts of your body, is the sort of thing that tends to degrade rapidly if you don’t take good care of it. But looking after your skin doesn’t need to be a costly exercise, and you don’t need to spend your casino games winnings on looking good!

These 10 simple, easy to make recipes will give you healthier, glowing skin for longer – after all, as they say – beauty comes from within and you are what you eat! Be sure to keep in mind though; the younger you start taking care of your skin, the longer it will be youthful.

Blueberry Chia Jam

Fruits that are colourful and bright contain antioxidants, and are a powerful skin-rejuvenating ingredient. Capture these fruits, and drain them of their antioxidants to keep your skin beautiful. Or, put some blueberry jam on toast to give your skin a boost.

Rosemary And Olive Oil Almonds

Another thing you need to keep your skin looking good is Vitamin E. Sadly; this vitamin is reduced via contact with the insidious sun and its UV light. A great source in order to replenish the vitamin is almonds, which can be easily bought and consumed at your leisure.

Whole Lemon Spritzer

It turns out that your skin is 30% water, which means that when you lack water, the first thing to show that absence is your skin. Drink a lemon spritzer to ingest some of that much needed H2O, as well as limonene, which sounds like a made-up word, but in fact helps prevent skin cancer. Lemons also have vitamin C, as an added skin glow-inducing bonus.

Grape Bruschetta

If you’ve been reading this list in order, you’ll know that antioxidants are a must, and grapes also have lots of those. Plus, grapes add water to the antioxidant benefits, which was mentioned in number 3, so they pack a double goodness punch!

Carrot and Cucumber Shaved Salad

The aforementioned enemy of your skin, UV light, has yet another enemy. Carrots. Carrots contain beta-carotene, another made-up sounding word, but in fact essential in defending delicate skin against the sun. Shaving carrots into a salad makes the salad look trendy, and likewise drastically increases your sun-skin protecting factor.

Load up on fruit and veg for healthy skinSource: Pixabay

Cilantro Lime Marinated Pineapple Stackers

The term stackers refers to putting a toothpick through food items, such as lime and pineapple. So if you had been panicking about preparing this dish, put your mind at ease and simply buy toothpicks. Also, pineapple is perhaps the king of skin fruit, given that it has both vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Edamame and Mushroom Salad

Another of those deceptive at first glance words, mushrooms contain isoflavones, which it turns out are good for skin elasticity, as well as pigmentation. Also, those suffering from acne may find isoflavones help with the affliction.

Chocolate Orange Salted Walnuts

Since the sun cannot be avoided entirely, and it’s actually good for you in smaller doses, the next best alternative is to eat foods that reduce visible damage. Dark chocolate is the answer in this regard, which contains polyphenols.

Turmeric-Marinated Grilled Chicken Tenders

Turmeric helps reduce inflammation in the skin, as well as being a great spice to liven up otherwise dull food. Eat it and watch the unpleasant redness drain away, leaving only youthful skin in its wake.

Tomato Stacks With Yogurt Ranch Dressing

As you will recall, stacks are created with toothpicks, and it turns out virtually anything that can be speared can be in a stack. Point in case; tomatoes. They have the aforementioned vitamin C, which is essential for you and your skin. Add ranch dressing, and you’ve got a skin-boosting match made in heaven.

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