Tips for Winning A Casino-Themed Party

Casino Themed Party

Vegas is the undisputed party capital of the world, complete with live shows, swanky hotels, glitzy casino floors, star-studded venues, and life-changing wins in the offing. What could be a better party theme than this? It offers so many possibilities in terms of music, entertainment, décor, and the chance to dress to the nines.

Gaming Club has plenty of tips to help you make your casino-themed party a night (or day) to remember.

Décor is (Almost) Everything

The best advice we can give you is to take your inspiration from Hollywood. If you want to keep it really classy, watch films like Casino, Casino Royale, and the Oceans series for ideas. If you’re going for something grittier, consider 21, Rounders, Very Bad Things and Lucky You. Or, if you’re out for something a little tongue-in-cheek, you’ll enjoy The Hangover series, Best Night Ever and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. You could possibly even put up posters from these films.

Specifically take note of the casino décor. Things you’ll likely notice are chandeliers; lots of red, white, gold and silver; rich carpeting and plush wallpaper; plenty of bright lights; a red carpet at the entrance; and maybe even a disco ball or two.

Also remember that the host is the focal point of the party, so be sure to dress the part (and encourage your guests to do the same)!

Great Memories have a Soundtrack

Again, the Silver Screen is the best source of casino-themed music. The James Bond films are great place to start, especially if you want something a little more elegant, like Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds are Forever or Dusty Springfield’s You know My Name. Also, make sure you stick to the casino music theme all night. This will create a truly authentic experience.

Keep Them Entertained

Of course, the primary activity at your casino-themed party should be casino games. But you can also add to the experience by having theme-appropriate live entertainment like a jazz band, juggler or card trickster.

Let the Games Begin!

No casino-themed get together would be complete without plenty of games to play. Card games are obviously the easiest to set up (and you can use green or red felt cloth to create your own table layout). But you can also rent out roulette wheels and craps games. A cheap option for chips is children’s board games.

If you really want to add a touch of class to it all, consider going online to set up live-dealer games at your favourite internet casino.


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