Will You Be Able to Unlock The Vault?

Online Slot | Gaming Club | The VaultSource: Microgaming

There are so many themes with online slots these days that mobile casino game developers sometimes struggle to come up with a concept that feels fresh and original. This is not the case with Snowboard Games, however, because their latest creation for Microgaming strikes a very novel tone. To begin with, the look of The Vault, which will be released towards the end of April this year, is very distinctive. Playing it feels like you are in a murky world of espionage and criminality, much like the sort of experience you’d get when watching a film from the Matrix or Mission Impossible franchises, for example.

The main character in The Vault is a career criminal named Jewel. That said, Jewel is no ordinary thief. She is planning on staging a sophisticated bank vault robbery in an elegant area of Paris. According to the game’s development team, Jewel has been inspired by Lisbeth Salander, the main character in the popular Stieg Larsson trilogy. The only problem for Jewel is that the high-security vault she plans on cracking is protected by numerous laser beams and alarms. Can you help her to get in and lay her hands on the rewards that await on the other side of the vault’s door?

The Vault – What You Need to Know

To begin with, The Vault is a fast-moving game that offers a high level of volatility. This means that it is likely to appeal to those seeking bonuses and additional gameplay. The screen is laid out with some truly stunning three-dimensional graphics as well as offering atmospheric visuals for the background setting. The main game has five reels arranged over three rows and there are 20 different winning combinations that can come up over its paylines.

One of the important elements to understand about The Vault is that – for all of its dynamic animation and cool artwork – it is really easy to play. This game is, therefore, ideal for people who want to immerse themselves in an online mobile casino game for a few minutes without having to get too bogged down in technicalities. The emphasis on user-friendliness runs right through the game’s design concept making it especially handy for novices who have never tried their luck with an online slot before. For example, The Vault has wild symbols but no scatter symbols. What’s more, it comes equipped with dynamic scaling in its software which means that it will orientate nicely on your screen no matter what device you happen to be playing it on.

Game Features in The Vault

Online Slot | Gaming Club | The VaultSource: Microgaming

Like most online slots, matching symbols following a spin is what you need to start winning prizes. In this regard, The Vault is very conventional but there are additional features you can take advantage of, as well. When you are playing the game in one of its feature modes, the heat is on and you will notice things like smoke and police lights letting you know that the authorities are closing in on you. You will get a respin if two or more bonus symbols turn up following a turn. If five of them appear, then you will also receive a bonus!

The bonus feature is when things really hot up and the fun begins. With five bonus symbols scattered on your screen – one per reel is possible with The Vault – you will be awarded ten additional spins. Even better, you can obtain further spins while you are taking your turns with the extra ones you have just been awarded. With The Vault, taking extra goes like this is theoretically unlimited so you could be trying out lots of vault combinations for very little outlay!

Importantly, the middle reel will remain wild throughout your bonus turns which can help you to start winning big. There are also multipliers that can appear when you are operating in the bonus feature part of the game. Like the number of new spins offered, these multipliers have no upper limit.

Is The Vault All it Is Cracked Up to Be?

In summary, The Vault offers players a great deal of entertainment with plenty of thrills along the way. It has a payout rate of exactly 96 percent which is generous. The total hit frequency you can expect from it is just under 20 percent so, all-in-all, it is likely to be a big hit with many kinds of player.

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