The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Set To Thrill

Gaming Club Casino: The Incredible Balloon MachineSource: Microgaming

Funfair charm meets steampunk in The Incredible Balloon Machine. This new game offers an entirely new take on online slots, and is sure to be a hit with players.

At the heart of the new game is Crazy Tooth Studio’s Wincrease mechanism. The Incredible Balloon Machine offers differs from that offered by traditional reels and paylines. However, if you play slots at our mobile online casino, you will probably recognise the new titles two special features, namely Random Multipliers and a bonus game. Developed exclusively for Microgaming, The Incredible Balloon Machine is going to be a whimsical departure from the norm, and that makes it all the more exciting.

Winning Steampunk Gadgetry

As far as the theme goes, The Incredible Balloon Machine dominates the screen. It is a contraption of gleaming copper pipes, gauges, dials, and buttons that you can use to play an adult version of a childhood game that offered a prize to the first person to blow up the biggest balloon without popping it. This means that, in addition to the copper-coloured machine, you also will see colourful balloons. The theme is sweet and simple, and it’s sure to appeal to players of all skill levels.

Unique Slots Action

Crazy Tooth Studio classes The Incredible Balloon Machine as a slot. Even so, you should not expect to see reels, because there aren’t any. There also are no symbols that require combinations with matching icons, nor are there paylines that need activating or deactivating.

In fact, from what we have seen, the new offering could just as easily fit into the instant-win game or scratch card categories. The whole idea behind it is summed up in the party game we mentioned earlier. You need to use the machine to inflate balloons to increase the size of the prize that they offer, and then collect the balloons before they burst.

Putting this into practice should be easy. Of course, the first thing you need to do is place a bet. The play button is in the large orange button on the main valve of The Incredible Balloon Machine. You will need to keep your finger on it to steadily inflate the balloon. As this happens, you will notice that the coin amount displayed in the balloon gets bigger, and it keeps growing as long as you keep your finger on the button.

The timer on the left displays how much time is left in that round. A green collect button is to the right of the machine. You need to tap or click that button to collect the prize amount displayed in the balloon before the balloon bursts.

You can play this new casino game for between 0.20 and 40.00 per round, so it’s sure to suit all budgets. Plus, the 96.75% RTP and 41.08% hit rate indicate that regular wins will come your way when you start inflating those balloons!

Features That Blow You Away

When you play online slots you usually need to land certain symbols, collect special items, or fulfil another requirement to trigger special features. When you play The Incredible Balloon Machine, all you need to do is to hope that the game’s features activate, as the Multipliers and the Pick-A-Balloon game are triggered at random.

If the Multiplier feature triggers during the time it takes you to inflate a balloon, you will see a range  Multipliers, which could be as high as 10x, selected randomly.

You will know you stand a chance to play the Pick-A-Balloon bonus game when you see a gold balloon instead of one of those in a colour such as purple, red, or blue. You will need to inflate the gold balloon, and if it does not burst, the bonus game will begin. Several balloons will then appear on The Incredible Balloon Machine screen. Some of them contain coin prizes, while others contain Multipliers. You will need to select them to reveal what is inside. The bonus game can feature as many as 8 different rounds, so there is plenty of winning potential.

Crazy Tooth Studio Aims To Impress

Founded by Ben Hoffman in 2011, Crazy Tooth Studio is based in Reno, Nevada; a part of the world that is forever associated with real money gaming. Hoffman’s dog, Choco, who had a wonky tooth, inspired the studio’s name.

The studio creates gaming content, beginning with inspiration and ending with installation. There is no question of quality, because the brand’s slots and other games are powered by Crazy Tooth Studio’s proprietary game development framework.

If you’re ready to play online slots like never before, this is your chance. The Incredible Balloon Machine went live at Gaming Club online and mobile casino on 28 January, and you’re invited to join in the fun.

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